Elisabetta meaning of the name, diffusion, character and origin

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Elisabetta name meaning

Elizabeth is one of the ancient and decidedly classic female names that continue to be highly regarded. But what is yours meaning? And what are the curiosities, the name day and the spread of this name for baby girl

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  • When is Elizabeth's name day?
  • Who was Saint Elizabeth?
  • What is the meaning of the name Elizabeth?
  • What is the derivative of the name Elisabetta?
  • What are the foreign variants of the name Elisabetta?
  • What is the spread of the name Elisabetta?
  • How is Elizabeth's character?
  • What zodiac sign is associated with the name Elizabeth?
  • What is Elizabeth's precious stone?
  • Which color is associated with Elizabeth?
  • What is Elizabeth's lucky number?
  • What song should you dedicate to Elisabetta?
  • Famous people named Elizabeth



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When is Elizabeth's name day?

Most people celebrate thename-day il September 23th, when the most famous of the saints bearing this name is remembered: St. Elizabeth, mother of John the Baptist, who is remembered on September 23, but there are also:

  • St. Elizabeth of Hungary, commemorated remembered on November 17,
  • Queen Isabella of Aragon, famous as Saint Elizabeth of Portugal, who is remembered on the 4th of July.

St. Elizabeth

As narrated in the Gospel of Luke, Elizabeth she was the wife of Zacharias and was a relative of Mary. Both were quite advanced in age and had no children. One day while Zechariah was in the Temple of Jerusalem, the archangel Gabriel appeared to him and announced the imminent arrival of a son. But Zacharias did not believe him and so the angel made him mute until the child was born. As the archangel had asked, the newborn was then called John.

Elizabeth is also the protagonist of the famous episode known as The Visitation: one day, while she was pregnant with John, Elizabeth received a visit from Mary. When I heard Mary's greeting, Elizabeth felt filled with the Holy Spirit and the baby leapt in her womb. Elizabeth recognized the Savior's mother and greeted her with her famous words "Blessed among women, mother of my Lord".

What is the meaning of the name Elizabeth

The most likely meaning of the name Elizabeth is "the Lord is an oath".

Elizabeth derives from the Aramaic אֱלִישֶׁבַע / אֱלִישָׁבַע, rendered in the Hebrew name Elišévaʿ. Elisheva was the wife of Aaron, Moses' brother and spokesman during the Exodus.

The name is composed of El ("Lord") and a second element which is related to sheva (feminine of shivah, "seven") and to nishba ("he swore"). We must therefore return to original and literal meaning, that is, "He committed himself to the sacred number seven", which was a strongly symbolic number in the Jewish religion.

In Japanese il meaning of the name Elisabetta it is hardly linked to God: like other names and townspeople or foreigners, Elizabeth too can be written with Japanese characters Katakana, Elizabetta (e-ri-za-be-tta).

What is the derivative of the name Elisabetta?

I derivatives and hypocoristic of the name Elisabetta are really many. Let's start with without a doubt Isabella, a Provençal form that in the Iberian Peninsula practically replaced the name Elizabeth. In the country we find other derivatives and hypochoristics as:

  • Betta;
  • Elisa;
  • Lisa;
  • Isa;
  • Elsa.

What are the foreign variants of the name Elisabetta?

Le foreign variants of the name Elisabetta they are numerous. We remember the following:

  • French: Elizabeth
  • English: Elizabeth
  • Portuguese: Elisabeth
  • Russian: Elizabeth
  • Spanish: Isabel
  • German: Elisabeth

What is the spread of the name Elisabetta?

Il name Elizabeth is widespread in Christian communities since the early centuries, thanks to the cult of the mother of St. John the Baptist. The popularity of this name in Europe grew dramatically especially in the sixteenth century during the reign of Elizabeth I. Even in the United States it is an extremely widespread name, to the point that in the last two centuries it has never dropped below the twentieth position. in the ranking.

In the country, according to ISTAT data relating to the most common names, the popularity of this name in our country has been decreasing in recent years: in 1999 889 little girls were called Elisabetta, while in 2022 there were 396. The Elisa variant is much more popular: in 1999 the absolute value was 3307, while in 2022 it was 1340.

How is Elizabeth's character?

Sentimental, kind, affectionate, Elisabetta is an innocent seductress. She is a hard worker, always completing what she undertakes. She is welcoming, open, optimistic and she always sees the positive side of things and people. She is an excellent confidant, but she is modest and humble and can hardly express her feelings about her.

Although it is open, Elizabeth only gives her trust to people who deserve it. She is a sensitive soul, she never forgets the painful experiences and sometimes to defend herself she seems distant and unwilling to show what she feels. If she loves someone, however, she shows unshakable loyalty.

In a haughty aspect and sometimes icy, Elizabeth, therefore, hides one sensibility and an above average emotionality. She has a taste for intimacy and cultivates secrecy and that is why Elizabeth often seems to be an enigma for those around her. She on the other hand she can also be a manipulator and Moody: it needs affection, protection, reassurance. She is sentimental, has a deep sense of friendship and can give good advice. She fears loneliness and will tend to be conciliatory and patient in her dealings with others.

What profession will Elizabeth make? It will be attracted to the social field, law, medicine, but also in the field of communication and creativity.

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What zodiac sign is associated with the name Elizabeth?

Elizabeth's personality is close to that of those born under the sign of Capricorn: in need of affection to feel good about themselves, shy and sometimes fragile.

What is Elizabeth's precious stone?

The aquamarine reflects the importance that Elizabeth places on love and feelings. This stone gives her hope and confidence. 

Which color is associated with Elizabeth?

Symbol of kindness and intelligence, the yellow it is perfectly associated with Elizabeth's personality. At the same time, white represents her aspiration for balance in her life and symbolizes her innocence.

What is Elizabeth's lucky number?

Elizabeth's number is 5 and refers to patience and the search for harmony and balance.

What song should you dedicate to Elisabetta?

We have choosen "Elizabeth", a song written by Jimmy Fortune and recorded by the American country music group The Statler Brothers. The song was released in November 1984 as the second single from the Today album.

Famous people named Elizabeth

  • Elizabeth of Carinthia, queen consort of Sicily
  • Elizabeth of Hesse-Darmstadt, Russian Grand Duchess and Saint
  • Elisabeth of Bavaria, known as Sissi, empress of Austria and queen of Hungary, wife of Franz Joseph of Habsburg
  • Elizabeth I of England, Queen of England and Ireland
  • Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, Queen of the United Kingdom
  • Elizabeth of Russia, Empress of Russia
  • Elizabeth of Valois, Queen of Spain
  • Elisabetta Canalis, showgirl and actress el paesena
  • Elisabetta Gardini, theater actress, television and political presenter el paesena
  • Elisabetta Gonzaga, a member of the Gonzaga family
  • Elisabetta Gregoraci, showgirl and model el paesena

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