Examples of a pregnant diet for healthy eating

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Following a diet during pregnancy means eating healthy and taking care of your body and health. Although "eating for two" is a good prospect, in reality eating disorders in pregnancy, obesity and excess pounds in general do not help to carry out this mission. The pathologies of pregnancy such as high blood pressure and gestational diabetes must necessarily be followed by specialists who will follow the course of these diseases so that they do not affect maternal and baby health. The diets to be followed in this case must be carried out under strict medical supervision and must absolutely not be done. In the event of a physiological pregnancy, proper nutrition to prevent gestosis for example or not to gain too many pounds will be a great ally for the health of the mother and baby. Here are some examples of diet in pregnancy to follow, all based on the Mediterranean one.

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Examples of diet in pregnancy, what to eat and what not to

A healthy diet to follow during pregnancy

Here is an example of a healthy and balanced diet during pregnancy that focuses on the vitamins of fresh fruit and vegetables and the power of whole grains. The trick is to vary, even if the foods always seem the same changing the base (for example vegetables or cereals) will help make the week at the table more tasty and colorful. It is essential to add two snacks a day, one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon: fresh fruit, smoothies, smoothies and centrifuged, even a slice of homemade cake are allowed. The important thing is to never skip them so as not to get too hungry at meals and gain the right weight during pregnancy.

  • Monday: breakfast, lunch and dinner

A cup of semi-skimmed milk and 3 rusks with a thin layer of jam (possibly sugar-free)

Pasta with pesto + salad with miste crude vegetables

Veal escalopes with grilled courgettes and bread

  •  Tuesday: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Squeezed without sugar or juice with no added sugar and a small sandwich with cooked ham, if you like a savory breakfast

Risotto with vegetables and celery and fennel salad

Baked fish (cod for example) and bread

  • Wednesday: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Greek yogurt with muesli and dried fruit

Pasta with zucchini and a mixed salad

Mozzarella and tomato and bread

  • Thursday: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Partially skimmed milk, cocoa and 5 dry biscuits

Spelled, barley, quinoa or bulgur with steamed mixed vegetables 

Hamburger with fresh lettuce and tomatoes + bread

  • Friday: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Fresh fruit smoothie and cake (prefer homemade ones!)

Farfalle with zucchini, prawns and ricotta and mixed salad

Minestrone or vegetable soup with vegetables and half piada with soft cheese and rocket

  • Saturday: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Cappuccino and dry biscuits or rusks

Salad with 2 hard-boiled eggs and bread


  • Sunday: breakfast, lunch and dinner

Low-fat yogurt with fruit and cereals, or muesli and dried fruit

Tagliatelle with sauce and vegetable side dish

Grilled cuttlefish and grilled aubergines

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Other examples of diet in pregnancy are related to particular ailments that arise during pregnancy, such as gingivitis. What if you eat away from home? Even in the restaurant you can have a lunch without too many mistakes, following the advice of the experts.

Nutrition in pregnancy and gingivitis

One of the most common ailments is inflammation of the gums, which can be easily controlled by eating right. In addition to ensuring the correct supply of folic acid to your body, it is good to enrich your diet with vegetables and fresh fruit to receive vitamins and mineral salts in return: but also whole grains are great friends against this disorder. Lowering the amount of sugar, fatty and fried foods and in general too complicated to digest is the second step to eat well and protect yourself from mouth infections such as gingivitis.

Vegetarian or vegan diet in pregnancy

Maintaining a vegan or vegetarian diet during pregnancy is not impossible although it is always better to rely on a professional who can balance all the alternative foods for mothers who want to maintain this lifestyle even while they are expecting. In fact, it is not the case to proceed with the same diet that was carried out before pregnancy even while you are expecting: it is essential in any case to integrate proteins, vitamin B12, iron and other nutrients by choosing the right foods even if not derived from meat. Doing it with a professional is the most correct choice.

What not to eat when pregnant

Alcohol, poorly digestible foods, raw food in case the mother has not had toxoplasmosis, unpasteurized dairy products, seafood are not among the foods indicated during pregnancy. In some cases these are foods that are bad, such as raw or unpasteurized foods, in others instead they are non-digestible foods, which do not give any contribution to the mother's well-being.

Cheeses in pregnancy

The cheeses, as well as the milk and derivativesare very important foods during pregnancy because they provide concentrated amounts of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, essential for the mother's and baby's bones. They also bring vitamin B12 and proteins. However not all cheeses are suitable, some should avoided, as:

  • soft cheeses in mold with a white coating on the outside (which create a more humid environment, conducive to the proliferation of bacteria), such as brie, camembert, gorgonzola, taleggio. They are good only if eaten after cooking;
  • blue cheeses soft like Danish blue and roquefort (unless cooked)
  • any food based on raw milk: i unpasteurized dairy products may contain pathogens, such as E. Coli or la listeria.
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