Father's day: recipes to prepare with children

Father's day: recipes to prepare with children
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Recipes for Father's Day

Il 19 March Father's Day is celebrated, and children ask for the help of mothers to amaze them with an original gift, a craft, a personalized greeting card or a poem to be recited with love. But even a carefully prepared lunch or dinner can be a welcome gift to make fathers happy. Here are the best recipes to cook even with children to make a delicious gift on Father's Day.

Father's day recipes, first courses

Let's start with the first courses and some proposals for pasta dishes.

  • Baked penne with eggplant and peppers, Nady's recipe

A rich single dish that will make the whole family happy, prepared with simple ingredients that come directly from the garden.

  • Tonnarelli with squid sauce

The recipe is as simple as it is good and if someone does not convince you to season the egg pasta with fish sauce, they can replace the tonnarelli with any other type of pasta. To bring it to the table just prepare a fresh tomato sauce with squid and capers.

  • Risotto with vegetable ragout and sautéed sea bass with sage

If the father is a lover of fish-based risottos, this is the perfect dish to celebrate him and also to greet the imminent arrival of spring thanks to the many colors and its fresh flavor.

  • Lasagna with carasau bread and vegetables

A Sardinian-flavored recipe prepared by Peri from the blog Peri and the Kitchen, an exquisite millefeuille of carasau bread filled with a delicious cream of fresh peas, courgettes and carrots. A spring dish, tasty and light, perfect for the whole family. 


Nice things to do for Father's Day

Crafts, recipes and videos: many ways to celebrate Father's Day

Father's day recipes, main courses and side dishes

And then a second as simple as an omelette, enriched with a classic side dish that the whole family will like: potatoes.

  • Perfect baked potatoes

A very tested and excellent recipe for preparing crispy and golden baked potatoes that children like so much and that are perfect to accompany any type of second course, based on meat or fish.

  • Potato omelette, or tortilla

The "tortilla de patatas" (read "tortilla") is a staple of Spanish cuisine and is found everywhere. It is simple, tasty and has several variations. We can easily prepare it with the favorite ingredients of the father and the children.

  • Savory pancakes

Water, flour, yeast, salt and oil for frying are the basic ingredients of the pancakes. The procedure to prepare this versatile and very, very tasty "finger food" is very easy, which will certainly be appreciated by children and dads and is also perfect as an aperitif, to nibble on while waiting for dinner to be prepared.

Sweets for Father's Day

And what party would it be without a sweet? Let's surprise dads with one prescription greedy, tasty and why not, also beautiful to look at! Space for imagination and manual skills to prepare a treat to offer to the father's Day. Here are some ideas for tasty and simple desserts to make, with the collaboration of the children.

  • Cookies decorated with colored glaze

Why make these cookies only at Christmas? Given their versatility and the possibility of creating a thousand shapes and infinite decorations, these cookies can be cooked at any time and become for example: gifts for Valentine's Day, Mother's and Father's Day, favors for weddings, baptisms or baby showers, favors to be distributed to guests at birthday parties for children but also for older children. After all, a little imagination, an oven and some icing are enough!

  • Chocolate muffins

Here is the recipe for making delicious dark chocolate muffins, with a strong flavor that your dad will love.

  • Coffee mousse with ... cigar

A dessert prepared with a biscuit filled with ganache, accompanied by a fresh mascarpone and coffee mousse. This dessert should be accompanied with a glass of dad's favorite liqueur.

  • Sfinci of St. Joseph

Sfinci di San Giuseppe are soft pancakes covered with a delicate ricotta cream and chocolate drops, chopped pistachios, cherries and candied orange peel. They are traditionally prepared in Palermo on March 19th for Father's Day.

  • Wine donuts recipe by irsi


  • 1 glass of wine;
  • 1 of Seed oil;
  • 1 of sugar;
  • Farina Q.B.


  1. Mix everything well, for the flour the right amount is when the dough does not stick to your hands,
  2. after making the donuts pass them on one side in the sugar, 180 ° ventilated for 20 minutes.
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Classic recipes for St. Joseph

Le Saint Joseph's Zeppole they are the most classic and traditional dessert of this festival. Although the recipes vary slightly from region to region, in the end they are simple cupcakes that are baked in the oven or fried and then filled with custard. At the end the zeppola is garnished with icing sugar and a small black cherry. For those who want to prepare these delicious choux pastry donuts filled with custard and sour cherries in syrup, completed by a shower of powdered sugar, in the most classic version, that fried, here's how:

Ingredients for 6 donuts

  • Medium eggs 3
  • Yolks 1
  • Butter 55 g
  • Water 250 ml
  • 00 flour 150 g
  • Salt up to taste

for 350 g of custard

  • Yolks 2
  • More starch (maizena) 22,5 g
  • ½ vanilla pod
  • Sugar 70 g
  • Whole milk 200 ml
  • Fresh liquid cream 50 ml

for frying and for garnish

  • sour cherries in syrup 6
  • Peanut oil qs
  • Icing sugar to taste


  1. Start by preparing the custard, as indicated on GialloZafferano.
  2. Then prepare the choux pastry:
  3. pour the water into a large pan
  4. add the butter into small pieces and a pinch of salt
  5. turn on medium heat and stir with a wooden spoon to melt the butter
  6. when the liquid starts to boil, pour in the dose of flour in one go. Keep mixing
  7. when the mixture comes off the sides of the pan, turn off the heat and pour it into a bowl
  8. spread slightly in the center to cool it faster and, separately, beat the 3 whole eggs together with the yolk
  9. pour the egg mixture into the bowl with the mixture a little at a time, always mixing with a wooden spoon
  10. in the end the mixture will be fluid and creamy

On GalloZafferano all the steps to complete the recipe.

Here are two more recipes for making donuts:

  • Zeppole di San Giuseppe
  • Zeppole di San Giuseppe di GialloZafferano: this variant is baked in the oven.
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