Female names 2022: the most beautiful and particular

Female names 2022: the most beautiful and particular
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Female names 2022

You will have a little girl in the 2022 and are you thinking about which name to choose? Maybe you are leafing through a book of names or are you discussing as a family why they would like to honor their grandmother? In this guide to female names 2022 We offer you many ideas of original, lucky, classic and fashionable names that will be trendy next year, we hope that you will find the right inspiration because that of the name is the first important decision you will make for your little girl.

Female names 2022: the most beautiful and particular

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Female names 2022: what is the ranking?

Standings Full name Meaning
1 Aurora Beautiful and bright
2 Sofia She who is wise
3 Emma valuable, industrious
4 Giulia Sacred to Jupiter
5 Rebecca That creates bonds
6 Alice Noble and handsome
7 Greta Precious and rare pearl
8 Giorgia She who loves the earth
9 Martina sacred to mars
10 Anna Graceful and beneficial
12 Chiara Shining and bright
13 Sara Princess, Madam
14 Geneva Shining elf, white spirit
15 Francesca Which comes from France
16 Matilda Strong warrior

Beautiful and peculiar female names

It is not certain that particular rhymes with strange, kitsch or foreign. In our history we have many very particular names and villages that we can choose for our little girl and that we rightfully include in the ranking of coolest female names 2022.

  • Rebecca: a name with ancient biblical origins and a long history that returns to the fore;
  • Olivia: a name of Latin origins that is having great success;
  • Aurora: thanks to the great popularity that the daughter of Eros Ramazzotti and Michelle Hunziker is having Aurora is undoubtedly one of the trendiest female names in the coming months;
  • Frida: the name of the famous artist Frida Kahlo is enjoying great popularity and ranks among the hottest female names of next year;
  • Viola: in recent years it has been a name chosen by thousands of new parents and their newborn girls and has suffered a slight decline in popularity in the last two years, however it remains a trendy and very elegant name;
  • Riviera: in the wake of names inspired by colors, Azzurra is a cheerful name full of energy;
  • Luna: this is also a very special name, which inspires mystery and charm.
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Female names, the ranking of 2022

L'ISTAT announced the ranking of ten names most chosen by parents and the villagers in 2022 and the data confirm that Sofia, Aurora and Giulia are the most popular and popular names in the country. But how will things go in the coming months? We can certainly assume that things will not be very different and then here is a possible one Top ten of the female names:

  1. Sofia
  2. Aurora
  3. Giulia
  4. Giorgia
  5. Alice
  6. Martina
  7. Emma
  8. Greta
  9. Chiara
  10. Anna

But we also expect some new entries especially as regards foreign or more particular names, such as Nicole.

Short names preferred by moms

Short names are perfect especially if combined with a longer surname because the whole is harmonious and proportionate. Between short names the most popular are the most popular ones such as Sofia, Emma, ​​Greta or Anna, but we can also add to this list other short names of undoubted elegance:

  • Sara: a name of Hebrew origin. It means princess
  • Mia: also in this case the world of entertainment favors the popularity of names and Mia is the name of the daughter of Francesco Facchinetti and Alessia Marcuzzi and is increasingly widespread (in 20225 it entered the top 30 most popular names)
  • Gaia: in 215 it was in 13th place in the ranking of the most popular names and still remains one of the most popular short names.
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Original names for girls

If you want to give your little girl an original and different name, you can choose a name and the village without necessarily giving in to the temptation to go and look at the lists of foreign names. Here are some ideas for gods female names 2022 original and obsolete, it is rare names or in any case details:

  • Egle: this was the name of a nymph of Greek mythology. It means "shining";
  • Asia: from Latin. It takes the name of the Asian continent;
  • Cora: a decidedly recent name, its birth dates back to the late 1800s when the writer of The Last of the Mohicans, James Fenimore Cooper, called this one of the protagonists of the story;
  • Elodie: a name of French origin with an uncertain meaning;
  •  Sveva: a name that evokes an aristocratic and charming personality.
  • Elettra: from the Greek. It means "sparkling, shining like amber"
  • Ester: derives from the Persian. It means "star"
  • Ione: a sea nymph, refers to an idea of ​​sweetness and charm
  • Sould: derives from the Latin adjective almus, "nourishing". In Spanish and Portuguese it means "soul"
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Foreign names with the most beautiful meanings

You want to give your daughter a foreign name, but it is still important for you to know the meaning? If for you the name given to a child must also represent a wish for joy and positivity then here are some ideas for foreign names:

  • Vivian: the variant of the classic name el village Viviana rendered in a foreign language has a touch of internationality and trend. The meaning is "vitality, energy"
  • Swami: of Indian origin. The meaning is "pure love"
  • Sasha: Russian diminutive of Alessandra / o is both a masculine and a feminine name. The meaning is "protector of humanity"
  • Thalia: it was the name of one of the great muses, daughters of Zeus and Mnemosine. It means "tender sprig, sprout"
  • Nicole: Nicole is one of the most popular names in recent years by her parents and the villagers, which derives from the Greek. She means "victor of the people"
  • Althea: derives from ancient Greek and can also be declined in the form of the Altea country. It means "she who cares"
  • Maya: of Greek-Latin origin. It means "mother, creator"
  • Zoe: very common name in the United States, it has origins from ancient Greek. It simply means "life" and is therefore a wish for a long life.
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