First steps, how to choose the most suitable shoes

When the child start doing i first steps is for i Parents a moment of great emozione and for the little one himself one conquest towards'independence. It is a phase gentle, especially since there is often too much hurry to choose and make to wear le shoes, maybe graceful e delicious, to all Costi. We must then understand when e like put the shoes and when the small must have the presser foot more sweeper.

When the child begins to get in piedi e walk little by little doing i first steps, the main action is to do to slide un foot next to each other placing the whole plant. For this reason i feet they must be more free possible: if you are in casa, the ideal is o feet totally naked or socks antislip or still of shoes with the sole di skin thin, like slippers, which they leave unaltered the contact of the plant with the floor, be it of marble o parquet, and that they only help to avoid ugly ones slips.

Other speech applies to the former outputs in place erect. In that case you have to look for one footwear which has as first obiettivo that of protect feet from trauma, as sassi or objects sharp, but that is not in any way constricting. shoes for first steps they must be flexible and without those plantar anatomical, rather than some decade ago they were used as a cure "preventive"For the possible problems related to plant and which must be prescribed by specialist.

Here are some criteria whereby choose la right shoe for first steps from our children: the sole must be flexible and with anchors antislip. It doesn't have to be too much great because it wouldn't support the foot in the right way: the test empirical is to rest a ditto on tip when the baby is in piedi, so that it remains about a centimeter away between thebig toe and tip. A distance which allows the foot to move correctly and gives the opportunity to to grow up.

At the same time the shoe it must never be too much small, because it can get in the way la growth of the presser foot. A time suitable of the day to choose the footwear for your little one is the pomeriggio, when the foot is a little more swollen.

La shoe must support the ankle but do not overstep i malleoli, to leave the possibility toarticulation to move freely. There tip must be flexible and must guarantee that we can to fold a 90%. The part backinstead, it must be more robusta to stabilize the heel and avoid twists.

Il advice of experts is to leave the foot as much as possible sweeper da constraints and totally nudo. In particular it is useful to do not only a casa, on the floor smooth, But also on land more accident e rough, as the meadow or the sand. It is experiences sensory essential to encourage the development of foot and gait.

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