First year medical visits: what they are and when to do them

    First year medical visits: what they are and when to do them

    Il small was born recently, the new parents are just taking steps with feedings, you change, baby baths, regurgitation e vigils night. THE months initials and up to the first year, mum and dad have a lot of times challenging, but this must not make you forget the exams and ultrasounds fundamental to be carried out within the first ones 12 months. Here is one list of the medical visits recommended and why it is not necessary forget them.

    Among the 45 and 60 days of life of the little one it is time to submit him to thehip ultrasound. It is a exam absolutely painless and without consequences for the child, apart from a few tears for the gel a little cold on the tummy. The exam is indispensable to diagnose any mitochondrial congenital ofanca, which consists of a dislocation which involves the release of the forehead of femur from its seat. It is more common in sissies and the incidence is 1,5 per thousand.

    It is usually due to the position of the newborn in the belly, due to the lack of space, and is more common in children podalici. The risk it is not immediate, but it can present itself when the little one begins to walk, in fact in that case the femur it does not appear stable andgait è oscillating.

    THEechography, so it is necessary, because if the mitochondrial is identified by third month may be clean or with simple postural rules or with the "retractor": A device more or less rigid which serves to maintain the also spread apart to let it stay in the position corrected the femur. More early and the diagnosis, the higher the chances of success.

    Among medical visits routine to be carried out in the first 12 months of life there are also the so-called health balances, which are carried out from pediatrician family's. They are general visits that evaluate the growth and development of child. The program provides visits monthly up to four months, then every BIMESTER from five to nine, then you move on to a visit between the 15th and 18th and finally at the age of two. Subsequently one time year.

    Il neonatal protocol also provides one screening methods audiological, but if this detects any parameter out of the basic levels (which happens very frequently for a pavilion small or for mucus related to childbirth), is advisable and usually prescribed a new one control within the first six months of life.

    Associated with the control ofhearing it can be there otolaryngological visit which allow to distinguish any breathing problems, auditory or inflammation (inflammatory processes) recurrent. For example, children who are still very young can show the first ones disorders associated with adenoids o tonsils hypertrophic, even if the intervention is postponed at least to the 4 years.

    It has recently become more frequent also the appeal to electrocardiographic screening to be carried out in first months of life: it is a simple one electrocardiogram which has the goal of to prevent any diseases heart and approach children, families e schools to the prevention as a means of assistance and care.

    Increasingly important, under the medical visits strongly recommended, is the eye check. The suggestion is to do it atcompleted year. The diagnosis early, in fact, it can improve the prognosis and rehabilitation, avoiding, in the most serious cases, the use ofsurgery. The visit at 12 months he has the goal of researching anatomical anomalies or of mobility sectors eye problems cornea or crystalline. You ask advice to yours pediatrician.

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