Five ways to pamper your baby in the tummy

Five ways to pamper your baby in the tummy
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How to cuddle the baby in the belly

If we are expecting a baby we don't necessarily have to wait to have it in our arms to be able to cuddle it. There are a few ways to cuddle the baby in the belly during the nine months of waiting.

Establishing a deep and firm bond with the baby is important and can (and should) start right from pregnancy. It is called bonding, an Anglo-Saxon term that indicates that very special bond that unites the child and his parents even before birth.

Second Michelle O'Neill, Author of books that recommend meditation practices in pregnancy, one of the best ways to connect with your baby is to discover feelings you didn't even know you had inside. Taking the right time to get in touch with the baby therefore means bringing to light hopes and dreams for the baby, but also your own fears of becoming a mother, to change and can even help you figure out what kind of parent you want to be.

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How to start cuddling the baby in the belly?

Here are five ways to get in touch with the little one.

  • Massage the belly

Obviously, caressing the belly means giving it to your baby. Probably all since they discovered that they were expecting began to caress their tummy, it is an instinctive action that future mothers do automatically. It is a gesture that reassures both the mother and the child, who from 17 weeks can also be heard with kicks and fists and respond to the pampering received.

  • Listen to music

Some studies have shown that babies who listened to simple melodies while they were still in their mother's belly remembered these sounds after birth, the important thing is to share the listening moment, relaxing and choosing harmonic and relaxing music such as Bach or Handel.

  • Singing and talking to the baby

Talking to the baby in the belly may sound silly, but it really isn't. In this way he learns to get used to the sound of his mother's voice and studies have shown that he will then prove to recognize the voice so familiar after her birth. The rhythm and tone of the mother's voice, but also that of the father who has a lower tone and therefore even more pleasant, reassure the child and gently cradle him.

  • Keep a diary

A pregnancy diary will not only allow you to record sweet or funny memories, but it is also an effective tool for processing your pregnancy and the experience you are going through. Instead of the diary, a nice alternative is to write letters intended for the child who is about to be born.

  • Stay in the water

Water offers relief to the mother who feels less heavy, but it is also the natural element of the baby who is comfortable and has fun in the water!

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