Flat feet in children: here are the symptoms and all the remedies

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I flat feet are physiological, all the children They have them. Then, with the growth, foot assumes its normal curvature. So when is the case with worry and to carry out some controls specific?

Due are the elements to which you have to lend caution especially when i small begin at walk so sent: the presence of pain and difficulties in I will wander. The process di training of plantar, in fact, it is not immediate: the time (o arc planting) and Assessment between five and ten years of age. However, it is necessary to monitor it development.

To understand if the bimbo ha need sin dai 4 years of a visit orthopedic-pediatric, i Parents they can make small ones test observing for example the fingerprints that the child, barefoot, leave it on sand o controllare if the heel leans towardsinternal (in this case it is necessary look at him, always without shoesin piedi di shoulders).

The first advice is to help him development of those muscles (from knee in down) which also serve to support thearch of the foot; to do this, obviously in the absence of pain o fatigue,physical activity, even simply play toair open, it is there solution best.

During the period of transit towards'adolescence it is good to stimulate growth e tone muscle choosing one sport between swimming, basketball, bike, athletics. The esercizi specific - walk on tips, on BORDI lateral, on heels, gather objects from the ground with the Dita of the piedi, walk without shoes on sand or land (generally on land rough) - represent one stimulation perfect and Assessment, in particular for the children more small.

Furthermore, may far to wear le shoes of brother or of sister greater because each foot è different and needs to to live so "natural"Adaptation to shoes.

In case of flat feet, regarding i plantar and shoes orthopedic, many research international published on riviste industry have some stressed the poor effectiveness: in children small, for example, the plantar can only help the maturity of the bones of foot since, if the conformation of the feet foretells with clarity a situation of flat feet, plantar in itself it is not capable of treat such condition.

Solo in the event that, within i 10-12 years of age correction it did not happen in the way spontaneous and a situation persists painful and fatigue, the Parents should choose thesurgery.

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