Flexibility of motherhood, how the application arises

Flexibility of motherhood, how the application arises

for birth of a child, dependent working women are entitled to 5 months of compulsory maternity leave. Typically the five months are divided into 2 months before delivery and 3 months after delivery. But if a future mother is fine, she has no particular problems and carries out a safe job, then she can choose to divide the 5 months of maternity into one month before the birth and 4 after the birth. This is the flexibility of motherhood.

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What does the application to take advantage of the flexibility and work until the eighth month of pregnancy? The application must be forwarded to INPS during the seventh month of pregnancy (the one at the end of which the normal compulsory maternity leave 2 + 3 would start). So, in practice, if, for example, the presumed date of birth is set for May 5th, the application for flexibility must be submitted between February 5th and March 4th (because the compulsory maternity leave 5 + 2 would start on March 3th).

For the flexibility question it is necessary to have a certificate of the gynecologist which certifies that the pregnant woman has no problems continuing to work until the eighth month and which indicates the estimated date of birth. The certificate must be signed by an ASL gynecologist or a gynecologist who works in the hospital (and who must therefore put the hospital stamp on the certificate). In in case your gynecologist is private, you must have the certificate of your gynecologist validated by an ASL gynecologist. To do this, it is necessary to have a referral for a gynecological examination for certification of flexibility and then make an appointment with a gynecologist of the ASL. However, there are facilities where you can contact the gynecologist without having to make an appointment first.


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The ASL gynecologist will not subject you to a real examination, but will limit himself to check your gynecologist's certificate and he will probably ask you to bring the latest tests and a recent ultrasound (done no earlier than 2 weeks) and the certificate from the company doctor or employer. And based on the required documentation, he will sign you a certificate valid for the application for flexibility. The gynecologist's certificate must also be done during the seventh month of pregnancy.

Another very important certificate that must be presented is the one signed by the company doctor, for those who carry out a job for which health control by a company doctor is required (for example for those who work at the computer!). The company doctor responsible for health surveillance he must therefore issue you a certificate containing: the personal details of the person concerned; information on the employer; the office where the interested party lends its work; the duties to which the person concerned is assigned. You can ask your boss or human resources department to contact the company doctor or make an appointment. Self your work is not subject to health checks, you will have to submit a employer declaration from which it appears that in the company or for the activities carried out by the worker concerned there is no obligation of health surveillance at work.

Once you have these two certificates, the application can be submitted to INPS. By now the questions must be forwarded through the official website of the INPS, through the section Online Services (if you have never logged in, you will need to request the Pin code, which is essential to log in together with your tax code). The documentation can be electronically attached and there is no need to go to the Inps office to which you belong.

When submitting the application, a file with the question itself (in which all the data you have entered will be inserted) and a file with the receipt of the submission of the application. From that moment, by accessing the site you will be able to see the progress of the application (sent, in progress, accepted). And if there are problems or some documents are missing, you will be contacted by an employee who will explain what to do.

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All documentation must also be delivered to your employer. Obviously, even if you have applied for flexibility and it has been accepted, you are not necessarily forced to work until the eighth month. If any problems arise, you can ask for stop flexibility and to start the maternity period. Even in the case of illness, with medical certificate, flexibility is automatically stopped and the maternity period begins. Or, you can simply take a few days off, if in the end you can't make it to work anymore, and in this case the motherhood will start one month before the expected date of delivery.

Finally, as regards motherhood, i months after giving birth they are calculated from the actual date of birth, if this occurs after the presumed date; or from the estimated date, in the event that the birth takes place before the end of time.

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