Flowmetry: what it is and when it is done

Flowmetry: what it is and when it is done
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Alongside the traditional ultrasound tools useful for monitoring the progress of pregnancy and fetal development, there are some tests that are prescribed only in certain circumstances and have specific purposes. This is the case of the fetal doppler that allows you to perform a flowmetry (velocimetry).

Flowmetry: what is it for

The ultrasound doppler is able to study the blood flow in the arteries, also by measuring the speed of the blood flow, this test verifies the correct vascularization of the child, and therefore its development and vitality.

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Flowmetry: when it is performed

It is an exam that it is not done routinely during pregnancy, but in case of pregnancy complications on mother and baby, such as:

  • gestational diabetes,
  • hypertension,
  • growth retardation in the uterus,
  • abnormal amniotic fluid,
  • or in case of high-risk pregnancy, like the twin one.

The doppler therefore represents a diagnostic tool, it is used to understand if something is wrong, but also to monitor the child's growth.

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Flowmetry: how it is performed

Depending on the situation, the examination is carried out in different ways, analyzing different strategic arteries. The examination is generally carried out starting from the 32nd week.

  • study of arteries of the umbilical cord, provides information on the quality of interactions between the placenta and the fetus, essential for the correct growth of the baby. In association with the reading of biometric data it allows you to make an assessment of some key areas such as the femur, the abdomen. In short, the doppler is able to monitor the growth of the fetus and to tell if the blood flow is sufficient
  • blood flow study in uterine arteries. Very useful in case of maternal hypertension
  • blood flow study in arteries of the fetal brain. It provides a direct indication of the fetal status

Homemade Doppler

In recent years there has been an increase in the diffusion and commercial production of homemade doppler.
In short, future parents can buy a fetal doppler and use them at home. It is good to know that these instruments have nothing to do with the doppler performed by the specialist during pregnancy. These tools only listen to the baby's heart when its position in the belly allows it.

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It can be used to reassure future mothers but in reality their use is not recommended. A bit 'because they still don't know each other well effects of an excessive impact of ultrasound on the fetus, especially if the doppler is used daily, and on the other hand because it feeds them anxieties of mothers.

Fetus in pregnancy


The fetus in the nine months of pregnancy

Photos of the fetus during the nine months of pregnancy

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