Flying with a newborn? Of course! Here are the tips

the cheese Parents that loves travel and yes they are venture out in world just like Indiana Jones but which are now found in the panic more total because they have to to organize il first flight in three:, I say: nothing fear! The news is reassuring on several fronts: fly with neonate you can, just as it is possible handle un small di three: years in spaces cramped which i corridors of airplane without shouting at the miracle. You just need to have practical sense ed organize with multiple choice!

First of all it is good emphasize than for children breasts, that is, without details heart problems and / or respirators, volo in plane does not involve any risk: the environment pressurized of aircraft it is in fact similar toair di mountain, it is simply more rarefied.

However, if during the stages of take off e landing, the little one should try pain ears, a problem common also for the adults, just get it beer water or milk or give him the pacifier, a valid help to open the tube di Eustachian and allow to re-balance la pressure.

In case asleep, it is good wake and do it beer so quote (a adult solves the problem yawning o swallowing which it must be instead induced in neonate). I know breastfeed, try to do coincide take off and landing with the breastfeeding.

La password byorder it must be in any case practicality.. If in volo there is all the family, the extra changes it is better to have them for each components. Never skimp on the number of diapers, On impregnated wipes and on bags di plastic: everyone (or almost) loves children but not there stink of diapers dirty or delle rompers with patches of regurgitation scattered here and there. Especially during travels intercontinental, to be able to to wear "Fabrics fresh e clean is a manna also for mum e Pope.

A little trick to distract the little one and have some minute di rest is to choose places in file different; in this way you will be able to alternate breaking the monotony of volo.

If you decide to fly with neonate, in Baggage a hand, shouldn't be missing a mini kit with: gel to teeth, clisteri, Patches, anti-mosquito spray, antipyretic e games. Also with hot, remember to lead with you in cabin a cover it's a bonnet: after take off theconditioned air it really could be annoying.

In fact, during a journey in plane, plus the bimbo è small, plus the crossing Sara simple. The point crucial it actually becomes the boredom of the children more great. In many cases the gripes registered by airline companies they concern behaviors as a child diavolo: yell out, attempts to relay races along the aisle, sounds annoying, kicks ai sedili front.

All because of the boredom. So how manage it? A solution è to entertain the most active with theirs games favorites or maybe with some news bought a sheltered area of departure and even if you are not real it is "nerd“, You always can choose the magic paper area of tech: cartons suitable for their different age usable through ipad, tablets o computer. The silence and d 'gold.

Each compagnia aerial has gods regulations specific for how much similar between them: it is good consult them both to understand which ones products they can be brought a bordo that for the management of post or others details useful to moms and Pope. Get informed for example if onplane that you will take there are bath with  changing table or if you have to arrangiarvi somehow.

Usually, in the case of very small, rules in airport they are a little more soft and and, in theory, they should leave you bring on board XNUMX cups milk or others beverages without doing too many stories. Then remember that practically all company allow you to arrivare up to below theplane with passeggino, which will then be placed in the hold e returned just landed.

You will stay surprised how easy it is fly with neonate and happiness that a journey shared gives the whole family. What are you waiting for? Good flight.

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