"Football-themed" cakes and snacks for birthdays and refreshments


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something in this period we offer you some football-themed recipes of sure effect and very good .. they will always be good for football lovers.


The sports most loved by boys and girls

Let's start with


that they are the thing that takes the longest time to prepare and that in general the guests await with greater anxiety.

Let's start with this


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Cooking with passion

The football pitch cake is really easy to make.

The basic cake is nothing more than a plum-cake, therefore particularly suitable for those children who do not like stuffed desserts, and is a valid alternative to sponge cake.

It is a good base for a decorated cake as it results in a rather regular shape.

The only "problem" is that the

soccer field cake

it requires a relatively large base, so that it is possible to decorate it with the right proportions, so the result will be a cake for at least about 12 people.


blog of the creator

find recipe and instructions


Portrait of a mom fed up with football-addicted dad

This other wonder

we found it in a


and it really deserves to be presented.

This cake was made with 3 sponge cakes. For the

football field

two rectangular sponge cakes and for the flask a zuccotto obtained with a sponge cake with a diameter of 18. Wet with a syrup of water, sugar, lemon peel and rum for desserts. Filled with Chantily cream. Decorated with coconut, sugar paste and whipped cream.


This other one is really crazy isn't it? We found it on this site that collects equally crazy cakes for all tastes

This cake, however, in the shape of a soccer field was prepared with a baba. The football pitch is coconut. The lines were drawn with white coconut freehand. The characters are plastic like the doors. The balls are two candles. The recipe is on this site

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To finish with the cakes a simpler but delightful and always tricolor, the meringue with strawberry and mint sauce. The recipe is on Pianeta Donna

If you are looking for other ideas, take a look at the Pianetadonna guides: there are the easy and quick wraps to prepare, the "tricolor" finger food, and even an entire world menu with many delicious recipes.

Enjoy your meal.

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Football themed recipes

Football-themed cakes and sweets, the sport most loved by the el paeseni

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