Fourth month of pregnancy

Fourth month of pregnancy

A critical period of pregnancy ended with the first trimester, the one in which the risk of abortion (10-15% of all conceptions), the one in which the improper intake of drugs and some infectious diseases can cause the most serious damage to still poorly differentiated embryonic tissues.

From the fourth month onwards theuterus it cannot be contained within the pelvis, and its upper extremity can be palpated in the abdomen providing the gynecologist with an index of fetal growth.

Fourth month of pregnancy, how many weeks is it 

The fourth month of pregnancy begins 13 settimane + 2 days and ends in 17 settimane + 4 days.

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Symptoms in the fourth month of pregnancy

  • If you have suffered from nausea, they should have vanished by now. From now on, the uterus will continue to increase steadily and consistently.
  • You will feel less tired than at the beginning of pregnancy. You will return to being active and toned. The uterus is now the volume of a grapefruit.
  • The clothes will become tight on you. Adjust to your new shapes and don't insist on wearing your pre-pregnancy clothes, which are too tight and uncomfortable.
  • The volume of blood circulating in your body is significantly increased, the heart swells and to meet the baby's oxygen needs, the heart increases its output by 20%.
  • Pigmentation increases and the chest may darken. A black line it may appear between the navel and the pubic bone (the so-called linea nigra). If it does form, it will slowly disappear after delivery. The enlargement of the abdomen becomes apparent and you can actually feel the uterus between the pubic bone and the navel.
  • If you have already had a baby, you will notice the movements of the fetus around this time.
  • The cervix undergoes significant changes: the increased blood flow gives it a pasty consistency and a reddish color. The glands present in the cervix produce mucus in abundance to form a real mucous plug, rather dense, placed in front of the entrance to the uterine cavity to protect it from pathogens.
  • The cervix, on the other hand, has the role of opposing the force of gravity and acting as a support for the gestational chamber, preventing its own weight from tearing the amniochorial membranes or detaching the placenta, yielding only before delivery.
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Analyzes and ultrasounds to do

You have now reached your second prenatal visit to the gynecologist, perhaps combined with aechography. You will then be able to see the baby's head and body take shape. You will feel like butterflies flying in your stomach which could mean that the baby is moving. The life line will begin to disappear. If you have not already done so, subscribe to childbirth preparation courses: attending them during this period is useful for discussing notions on diet, gymnastics, the best positions, emotions, health.

Weight in the fourth month of pregnancy

It will be from now on that the weight gain will get more obvious.

If it has been around 1 kg up to now, it will proceed at an approximate rate of from now on 400 gr per week, until realizing, if there are no particular dietary restrictions, an increase at the end of gestation from about 9 to 12 kg.

The weight gain is not only due to the weight of the child: (on average about 3,5 kg), but also to the placenta (about 650 grams), amniotic fluid (about 1 kg), enlargement of the uterus (about 1 kg) and retained fluids (2-3 kg).

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