From America the orgasmic birth

Nightmare scenes, husband passing out in the delivery room (READ OUT), screams and deformations of the poor mother's face who can't wait for the little one to come out to hug him and end the agony. Let's forget all this. Giving birth has never been more enjoyable especially in the big apple. It is well known that in America they are able to really do everything, but even transform childbirth at a time in which to experience orgasm it seems unlikely to us. This is the Orgasmic Birth, a painless birth, and with lots of pleasure. In a documentary, dating back to 2009, from the homonymous title, in fact, the sensations of those who, giving birth, reach a intense orgasm-like pleasure.

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In documentary, where this theme is spoken openly, scenes are illustrated that show the pleasure of various pregnant women who, a few hours later, comment on their sensations in front of a camera. Amber Hartnel, a young 29-year-old woman, she confessed to having been invaded by an intense and unexpected pleasure right in the middle of labor (READ). Another mom claimed to have laughed and cried out of her pain and pleasure. And the reaction of the doctors? The category has always divided on the orgasmic experiences experienced by some women. So the phenomenon has never been studied in the right terms.

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According to the producer of the documentary, orgasm during labor and childbirth is one of the secret pleasures women don't want to talk about. From a technical point of view some midwives they justify this phenomenon by explaining that the hormones and chemicals that are released into the blood during sex, like oxytocin (READ) and endorphins, they are the same products during the labor. But for women, who have screamed during before giving birth asking for an epidural, this story seems far-fetched. The reaction is one of horror in the face of the stories of those who have dispelled the myth that wants birth indissolubly associated with pain, and claimed to have experienced a long and intense orgasm during labor and the moment of delivery.

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But we leave you to the video that tells everything in a few words, but with images that speak for themselves.

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Orgasmic Labour Birth


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