From the bed to the cot, send it back to your room

How to get the baby to sleep in his bed

Maybe we gave in to her sweet eyes, maybe it was just a decision dictated by the stress of the lack of sleep, or by the loud noise of her crying, but we made the fatal mistake: our son sleeps in the bed and we don't know how to get the baby to sleep in his bed.

The passionate and close-knit couple you were some time ago left the field to two parents in pajamas. By now you are forced into the corner by the only owner of the bed: the child! If you have recognized yourself in this description, there is no need to be happy!


Methods for making babies sleep

Here are some tips for getting babies to sleep. Tested by moms

The convenience and practicality of letting the baby sleep in the bed cannot overcome a couple's need to have a private space, its own. You don't have to think about sex marathons, you might want to hug and pamper yourself without an infant in the way! So what to do to go back to being the crackling duo you were in the past and above all to convince the child to sleep in his room, in his bed?

Children in the Latvian what to do

  • If the child is less than one year old

If the child is very young, less than a year old, the solution may seem more excruciating but the practice will be quicker, at this age they are quicker to get used to it. Begin to point out how beautiful his cot is and ask him to try it out. At the time of going to bed, after the usual routines such as changing the diaper and wearing pajamas, tell him a story or sing a few songs. Then turn on one anti dark light that you have procured, say good night and go away, make sure that he can not groped to climb and that there is no risk of getting hurt.

He will start to cry but you will have to be strong and resist, if after five minutes he hasn't stopped, come back, calm him down maybe with another melody, then give him good night again and go away. If he cries again, repeat the procedure waiting a few more minutes before going to him. Do this until he gets tired. Repeat these actions every night and you will get great results in a few days.

It is important to respect the rituality of gestures, such as good night wishes, so that they become small signals that he will learn to recognize. Returning to him in short intervals will tell him that he has not been abandoned and that we are always next to him.

  • If the child is older

If your child is older, its greater ability to move could create a few more problems. You will have to work hard to value the new behavior to adopt. If he perceives sleeping in his room and not in the bed as an attractive thing, he will have less hesitation in getting used to it. Based on your child's age and preferences, select something from together read or sing before bed, and reassure him that you will always be there in case he wakes up in the night.

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After reading the story, use a music box and the usual light to mark the time and leave the room. In case he starts following you around the house, you better go back to him to read him new stories or talk to him for a bit. There is no need to do a battle, based on how he will react, you will evaluate how soon you can get results. The biggest difficulty will be not being overcome by fatigue and convinced by moods.

There is no reason why your child should sleep in your bed except for a habit, so be firm on this point and you will see that everything will be fine.

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