Full-term pregnancy: when to go to the hospital

When to go to the hospital to give birth

The pregnancy is almost over and there may be some pain or twitching. The question catches all mothers in the process of giving birth to their baby: when to go to the hospital to give birth?

It is useless to rush to the hospital if the time of delivery is still far away and some precise conditions do not arise.


How to have a peaceful and natural birth

Do you want a "zen" birth? Here are some useful tips

Let's say that if you are around 38-42 weeks of gestation you have to go to the hospital if these events occur:

  • Close Contractions: A 40-45 second contraction every 5 minutes
  • Copious loss of amniotic fluid, especially if the color of the fluid is unclear and has traces of meconium, is greenish or with traces of blood
  • Severe pains abdomen or lumbar region
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Blood loss, more abundant than the simple loss of the mucous plug
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It always pays to keep the bag with the necessary for hospitalization ready and at hand, this to be prepared to go out in a few minutes without getting further overwhelmed by anxiety. Prepare a folder in time with the clinical tests you performed during pregnancy e always carry it with you. Don't forget yours identification document, all the ultrasounds and, if you want someone with you in the delivery room, his exams.

What was the cause that needs one hospital visit always keep calm and safe. Possibly breathe calmly, especially if the contractions have started.

By car you hire the position you prefer, it is sometimes recommended to kneel in the rear seat with your back to the driver while holding onto the backrest. Don't fret. Soon you will be best advised by specialized personnel and visited by good gynecologists.

Useful numbers always at hand for this eventuality.

The moment has come, the breaking of the waters

When labor begins, it is also possible to forget your home number. Surprise, fear and anxiety can create a moment of confusion. So, during the quiet of the wait, in addition to preparing the suitcase, it is useful to draw up a list of useful numbers to call when real contractions begin.

Sometimes it is better to prepare two lists, in the first place the numbers of the hospital, of the trusted midwife if you have one, of the gynecologist, of the parents and in-laws; in the second write the numbers of the people to be warned at the advent of the good news. The second list so it can be used by a second person (mother, sister, husband) when post-partum fatigue takes over.

Preparing the numbers to call in advance is a little trick that helps you to better deal with the turmoil of the initial labor. Nothing is left to chance for a future mother organized and quiet.

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