Games for Christmas, 10 gift ideas


  • 1 Games for Christmas: Minnie's cooking 
  • 2 Games for Christmas: Clementoni First Steps
  • 3 Games for Christmas: the Smoby kitchen
  • 4 Games for Christmas: First Steps Fisher Price
  • 5 Games for Christmas: Brucoverde book
  • 6 Games for Christmas: Kinderkraft tricycle
  • 7 Games for Christmas: play mat 
  • 8 Games for Christmas: game box
  • 9 Games for Christmas: Chicco board game
  • 10 Games for Christmas: Fisher Price Table Game 

What would Christmas be without packages under the tree? And without dad disguised as the famous white-bearded Santa? But above all: what would December 25th be if there were no toys? Absolutely unthinkable! Let's not joke: Christmas is the perfect time to give and receive games. Would you ever give up the wide eyes of the children as they unwrap colorful packages, prey to the excitement of a new toy? We don't think so. That is why we have decided to give you a hand in choosing the best games for Christmas. You still have time for shopping.

Games for Christmas: Minnie's kitchen 

Pretending to prepare lunches and dinners for mum and dad has always been one of the favorite ways of playing for children, with no major differences between boys and girls. Plastic glasses, plates, tea cups are a must in practically all homes. Therefore, Christmas could be the best opportunity to give our experienced "Masterchef" a kitchen. If we have daughters, Minnie's kitchen, with its delicate colors, hearts and flowers, is perfect. It comes complete with oven, refrigerator, blender and many other accessories. Easy to assemble, it is recommended especially after 3 years. 

Games for Christmas: First Steps Clementoni

Let's move on to a Christmas game designed for the little ones grappling with their first steps. Valentino Scooterino is the Clementoni Primi Passi in the shape of a scooter. But in addition to supporting children in the walk, it is also an activity center for learning letters and numbers, both in the village and in English. To develop all the abilities of your children, the front basket is an insert into which the molds included in the game are inserted. Four interactive keys (horn, roller, book page and wheels) and the light under the taillight stimulate visual and auditory perception. It is therefore not a simple toy for Christmas, but a real ally for infant growth and development. 

Games for Christmas: the Smoby kitchen

Let's go back to toy kitchens to talk about a product that, unlike Minnie's, will also be fine for boys. The Studio Bubble kitchen by Smoby has a particularity that children will love: it faithfully reproduces the effect of water boiling on the stove. But in this kitchen made in France there are also other very nice elements, such as the dishwasher, the oven, the refrigerator, in addition to the beauty of 26 accessories including cutlery, glasses, plates, pots and so on! The 50,5 cm high worktop and the kitchen is suitable for children from 3 years old. It is always better that there is adult supervision. Smoby is a French toy manufacturer that focuses on the quality and development of children. 

Games for Christmas: First Steps Fisher Price

Simply calling it a first steps trolley would be really an understatement. The Little Dog First Steps of Fisher-Price is much, much more. First of all, it can be used even before the little one walks: you can sit him in front of this game and let him have fun with all its potential. There are 7 activities to explore, including piano keys, luminous nose, roller and wheel etc. One of the strengths is the sound potential with over 75 songs, sounds, phrases that teach the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers and many other things. Thanks to a technology called Smart Stages, the contents to be learned change according to the age of the child. When he begins his first steps, the little dog will accompany him, allowing him to lean back in complete safety. It is ideal if you are looking for a gift for a baby over 6 months. 

Games for Christmas: Brucoverde book

At least one book cannot be missing from a list of games for Christmas. A timeless classic is the Brucoverde book, a small cardboard text characterized by punctured pages. It is a real “cult” that was first published in 1977. For 43 years it has continued to be successful and to fascinate children. Just think that it has been translated into 43 languages ​​and a million copies have been sold. The story - very simple - is that of a caterpillar that moves between fruit and vegetables looking for food. But every time there is some animal that tells him that there he does not find what he is looking for. And at the end of course there is a beautiful surprise. An easy rhyme story that teaches the value of nature from an early age. 

Games for Christmas: Kinderkraft tricycle

If you are looking for the seeded model of this product, the Aston tricycle from Kiderkraft will fully meet your expectations. From 9 months to 5 years it will guarantee super fun walks for your children. The tricycle can be easily adapted to the age and height of the little one. The 5-point safety belt and crotch strap will make it comfortable and protected. You can check it without stopping thanks to the canopy which has a transparent window. The pedals of the front wheel can operate the tricycle or turn without resistance, giving the child the feeling that he is driving. To do this, you just need to set the block the way you want. The rear wheels, on the other hand, are equipped with brakes. The tricycle can also be used as a stroller, both facing the road and facing the mother. 

Games for Christmas: play mat 

The White House play mat is one of the largest there is: it is two meters long and one meter and 80 centimeters wide! Soft, colorful, with many designs, colors and numbers, it is made of anti-shock and anti-slip material able to cushion any falls. Furthermore, both in summer and in winter it insulates from the floor temperature, with maximum comfort for the little ones who can play safely. You will also be happy to know that it is really easy to clean: a damp cloth is enough. In addition to playing, it is a very useful base for learning to crawl. It comes with a convenient case to take it wherever you want and is in compliance with all the certifications and community regulations. 

Games for Christmas: game box

Especially for the little ones, having a space to play safe and at the same time comfortable is what every mother wants. The All Star game box is just for you. It is made with the highest quality materials, resistant and completely non-toxic. Safety is the main mission of the English manufacturer. The box has a double block of doors and is easy to assemble: no special tools are required. Furthermore, it is a flexible product: it can be configured according to the size of the room. Its maximum measurements are 155x155x63 centimeters. It can also be used as a room divider for domestic environments. The set includes 4 large colored padded mats and colored game balls. 

Games for Christmas: Chicco board game

Among the games for Christmas a respectable place is occupied by the multi-activity tables: there is no child who does not like to engage in the many activities that are offered by these products. What we offer you as a gift for the upcoming holidays is Cresci e learn from Chicco. Your children can indulge themselves in cooking (with salt, pepper and oil molds and electronic ignition), gardening (carrot and tomato molds, names of nature), art (with the magical blackboard to draw, write, erase and start over) , music (piano with three keys, colored LEDs, musical notes). The game table is bilingual, country and English. The child learns many new words and has fun with rhythmic melodies and sound effects that recall the most common hobbies.

Games for Christmas: Fisher Price table game 

The game tables are so popular that we have decided to present another one for you. Activity of the City is from Fisher-Price and is a multi-activity table with bright colors, music, lights. There are two game modes. The first is seated with lots of activities to explore with your hands, buttons to press, book pages to turn. The second instead takes place standing and serves to encourage the first steps with phrases and songs. The table consists of 3 game levels, 4 places to visit (zoo, farm, supermarket and Doggie's house), 9 lights and over 120 songs and melodies. The games teach the alphabet, numbers and more. There are some role-specific ones. It is a suitable gift from 6 months of age onwards. The table also "expresses itself" in English. 

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