Getting a tattoo on the birth of a child: things to know

Many women and men choose to have the moment of the birth of a child imprinted on their skin by means of a tattoo. There are those who get tattooed for the first time precisely to symbolize his entry into the world of their parents, while there are those who, already heavily tattooed, add only one more 'sign' to his collection.
Think of Angelina Jolie: (READ) of his 23 tattoos the most significant are, without a doubt, those dedicated to his children. The first, on the shoulder blade, depicts an inscription in Khmer language, of Cambodian derivation, on five vertical lines, which according to local tradition serves to ward off bad luck.
The last one on arm N11 ° 33 ′ 00 ″ E104 ° 51 ′ 00 ″ and N9 ° 02 ′ 00 ″ E038 ° 45 ′ 00 ″ are precisely the GPS coordinates of the places of birth, in Cambodia and Ethiopia, of the two sons Maddox and Zahara Marley.

And how not to think of Beckham who is 19. On the forearm a guardian angel who would be there to watch over Beckham's four children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper (Read).

Tattoos for children, the most beautiful and the strangest

It should also be said that the tattoo is becoming the fashion of the not very young in fact according to a survey conducted by Confartigianato il "tattooed type" is 30 years old, male and especially loves shoulder tattoos. Apparently, those who thought that they were only a fashion dedicated to the youngest must change their mind: 52% of nannies are between 26 and 35 years old, 30% between 18 and 25, 26% between 36 and 45 and 2% over 46 years. Other data that emerged concern women who decide to get a tattoo and which would be constantly increasing.
Finally, 43,14% choose the shoulder to suffer less (Source: Makeup blog)

I'm not anymore neither a fashion nor a transgression. Getting a tattoo has become simply normal: it is done to remember an important event or person, to celebrate a particular moment in our life, or even as a simple ornament. And getting a tattoo to indelibly mark the birth of a child takes on a really important meaning

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First step: a thoughtful tattoo
Ok, today it is possible to delete them, but why not avoid an unnecessary annoyance when you can think about it first? So, especially if you are your first tattoo, follow these dispassionate suggestions
- Size and location. If the idea simply intrigues you, if you are not a true tattoo enthusiast and you already know that you will not cover your entire arms with designs, think about it before you risk a huge tattoo in full view. Consider starting with something small, and especially in places that are not too visible, such as the nape of the neck, the back or the calf. If you like it, you will always have time to get a more noticeable tattoo
-Factor pain. Where the skin is more delicate, the tattoo is more painful. If your pain threshold is very low, think about it.
-Avoid giving in to infatuations of the momentor and count to a thousand before giving in to temptation. Maybe today the idea of ​​having a prison skull on your forearm excites you. But in two years maybe not.
-The names. A burning chapter. We assume that getting a name tattoo is quite kitschy. But if you don't care about kitsch, the second rule is: no names of boyfriends, at most brothers, sisters, parents, or better still the beloved grandmother who passed away last year. The reason is quite obvious and I am not here to repeat it to you

Having said that, however choose the subject there is no shortage of sources, given the abundance of images available on the web (LOOK). The time has come for choose the artist which will perform your tattoo. Get help from some more experienced friends, ask for different professionals and go and talk to everyone. This will help you understand if they seem really reliable, if the environment in which they work is hygienically suitable (a poorly maintained study can be recognized at a glance). Another important thing: if you have chosen a tattoo in a particular style (Japanese, classic, tribal etc.) try to understand if the professional you speak to is specialized in that style, he will probably tell you himself.
Obviously inquire from time to time also on prices. Put all the considerations together, and choose the study that seems best to you.

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Safety and hygiene
Fortunately, the risks of getting a tattoo are greatly reduced nowadays. This is because all the tools that can carry infections exist in disposable version and are packaged in single sterilized pouches. A nice step forward compared to the past.
Of course, make sure the tattoo artist really uses these disposable tools, which are typically: ink holder, sterile needle holder tubes, sterile needles. The tattoo machine does not create problems because it does not come into contact with the skin. Also make sure the tattoo artist uses disposable gloves while he works.
Also colors they can be a problem if not of excellent quality: some can even be toxic. Openly ask the tattoo artist what kind of colors he uses: a true professional is aware that transparency is the best move for him too.

The making of the tattoo: how it works

The design to be tattooed is first traced on transparent paper, and then transferred to the skin with a stencil. Some tattoo artists prefer to trace the design directly on the skin with special markers. This choice is generally better because it allows you to adapt the lines directly to the shape of the body. In any case, once the design that will serve as a guide has been traced, we proceed with the realization of the actual tattoo. From the point of view of pain, this is the worst time, so be prepared: this is because the skin will have to get used to the action of the needle, which scratches it and deposits the pigment under the surface of the epidermis

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How to take care of the tattoo
First rule: put it in your head that at least at the beginning the tattoo should be treated as a real wound, and as such it must be taken care of. Know that if you neglect the care, you could even compromise the final result of the tattoo itself.
The tattoo artist will cover the tattoo with petroleum jelly and with a sheet of transparent film, to prevent the scab from forming immediately. After a few hours, wash the tattoo with neutral soap and warm or cold water, dab with a cloth and rehydrate it with a layer of protective paste. From this moment on, continue to wash with warm water and neutral soap, do not rub on the tattoo, rehydrate it continuously and let it air as much as possible. The protective paste should be applied at least three times a day for the first two weeks: never let the skin dry out
After a few days from the tattoo some crusts will come off: absolutely do not remove them, because you risk creating "holes". Wait for the crusts to come off spontaneously and the skin to become completely smooth again. Until that moment: no sun, no scrubs, no scrubbing and no waxing. After that you can stop with the application of the protective paste. However, always pay attention to sunlight, and when you expose yourself for the tattoo use a full screen protector to prevent it from discolouring prematurely.

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Speaking of tattoos made for children right in our community of let's read this post (Read)

Cristy writes my first tattoo dates back to 2006,3 months after the birth of my son, I tattooed on the right side of my back a little devil with a fork in his hand sitting on the D of dennis
Last year I did a tribal on the right foot that wraps around the ankle and goes up a little (I really like the tattoo on the foot)

Superile he replies: For now I have only one, a tribal deep in the back that I did for my 18 years ... then as soon as Emanuele is born and I have finished breastfeeding I write the name behind my neck in italics with the date of birth and the third I will do it together with a friend of mine ... who for me is like a sister ... I don't know yet what we're going to do with it. I want to find something special ..... by the way my boyfriend has 9 .. .I prefer piercings much more ... I have 4 and at least if I get tired I take them off ... instead the tattoo is much more demanding ...
Also Cristina chose the name of the daughter: I just today I made a touch, the name of my little girl, an inscription made by me, on the left foot, beautifuloooo
and Lauretta echoes: I'll do it after my puppy is born ...
I'll have my name and date of birth tattooed ...
My cousin on the other hand has a very well done portrait of his daughter on his arm and my dad has my name on his arm ... I wanted to write the name of my boyfriend but ... children last forever husbands ... it is not said ... so go for the baby's name

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