Giovanna name for girl: name day, meaning and diffusion

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Giovanna name

Giovanna is a female name with an ancient tradition: very popular until a few decades ago, today it is less popular. In this guide we discover the origin, characteristics and spread of Giovanna name for girl.

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  • What is the origin of the name Giovanna?
  • What is the meaning of the name Giovanna?
  • What is the diffusion of the name Giovanna?
  • When is Giovanna's name day?
  • Who was Saint Joan?
  • The variants in other languages
  • Compound names with Giovanna
  • How is Giovanna's character?
  • What zodiac sign is associated with the name Joan?
  • What is Giovanna's precious stone?
  • Which color is associated with Giovanna?
  • What is Giovanna's lucky number?
  • What song should you dedicate to Giovanna?
  • Famous people named Giovanna

What is the origin of the name Giovanna?

Feminine variant of the masculine Giovanni, the name Giovanna derives from the Hebrew Yehōchānān, which is composed of Yehō- (or Yah, which is the abbreviation of Yahweh, the name of God in the Hebrew tradition) and from chānān (or hanan, which means "had mercy", or "had grace "or" was merciful ").

What is the meaning of the name Giovanna?

The meaning of the name Giovanna is: "YHWH took pity", but also "YHWH had mercy".


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What is the diffusion of the name Giovanna?

Giovanna is a very name antico: we find it in the New Testament in which Joan was the name of one of Jesus' disciples.

In the country it has always enjoyed great popularity: in the twentieth century it was the most widespread female name ever.

According to the ISTAT data relative to the most common names, in 1999 857 newborn girls were called Giovanna, while in 2022 the absolute value dropped to 217.

When is Giovanna's name day?

There are many saints who bore this name, however the most famous is undoubtedly Giovanna D'Arco which is commemorated on 30st May, the day on which most of the people named Giovanna celebrate the name day.

Who was Saint Joan?

Virgin and martyr, national heroine and patroness of France, Joan of Arc was born in Domrémy in the Vosges in 1412. During the Hundred Years War Joan of Arc forced the English to give up the siege of Orleans on May 8, 1429. She had Charles VII consecrated king in Reims. She was taken prisoner in Compiègne, she was handed over to the English, then tried and burned alive in Rouen on May 30, 1431.

The variants in other languages

There are many variants of the name Giovanna in other languages:

  • English: Joan, Joanne
  • French: Jeanne
  • Spanish: Juana
  • German: Johanna

The English variant of the name Giovanna has undergone several transformations: in the Middle Ages the name was commonly used Joan (which derives from the francese Johanne), but over time the variant has gained increasing popularity Jane (it comes from French Jehanne) which became very popular starting in the eighteenth century. More recent versions ascribed to the twentieth century are also:

  • Jeans;
  • Joanna.

Compound names with Giovanna

Giovanna is one of those female names that goes very well with the quintessential female name: Maria. Maria Giovanna is, therefore, a compound noun much appreciated by the parents and the villagers, even if today it is very rare with an absolute value of only 12.

L'name-day it can be celebrated both for Saint Joan and for Mary (which is celebrated on 12 September, the day of the feast of the Most Holy Name of Mary, but it can also be celebrated on 8 September, the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary).

Also worth mentioning is the diminutive Gianna, which has now become a name in its own right even if today it is not very common with an absolute value of 8 (in 1999 it was 22).

How is Giovanna's character?

Giovanna needs to grow up in a calm atmosphere to thrive and be happy, making the most of his abilities. He avoids arguments and prefers to use the diplomacy to solve problems. Giovanna wants to be successful in her life: to succeed she is willing to work a lot and to use every bit of energy in her projects. This dedication to work, however, comes with a price: she is often nervous, irritable and sensitive.

Giovanna is courageous and loyal, she is a woman of action, organized and efficient.

She inspires confidence and is indeed a point of reference for her loved ones who know they can count on her at any time.
As we said she is a tireless worker, she can be not very tolerant and she is stubborn. She wants to be the head of herself, cannot tolerate intrusions into his life and will hardly allow himself to be persuaded to do otherwise than he has established.

She strives to be a role model for success and righteousness, but at the same time she has a Golden Heart and does not hesitate to leave everything to be close to those she loves if she finds herself in difficulty.

Giovanna is a responsible woman: she does not neglect her duties, she is intuitive and she is able to make decisions quickly. She shows great enthusiasm in what she does, she is upbeat and positive and is always appreciated for her openness about her.

What profession will Giovanna make? Her desire for independence will push her to aim only for positions of responsibility or to be a freelance in order not to have to respect the hierarchical standards imposed within companies.

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What zodiac sign is associated with the name Joan?

Joan's character is similar to that of the natives of Leo. She combines sweetness and charm, determination and pride in her daily life.

What is Giovanna's precious stone?

Il topaz it is Giovanna's birthstone and highlights her kindness and her protective side, also assuring her well-being and wisdom.

Which color is associated with Giovanna?

Il yellow it is the color that best reflects Giovanna's character: warm, cheerful and loyal. This color also highlights her desire for success and her aversion to betrayal.

What is Giovanna's lucky number?

Giovanna's lucky number is 5 which refers to the idea of ​​change and constant intellectual research.

What song should you dedicate to Giovanna?

There are many songs dedicated to Giovanna, we have chosen the famous one Lady Jane of the Rolling Stones.

Famous people named Giovanna

  • Joan of Austria or Joan of Habsburg, first wife of Francesco I de 'Medici
  • Joan of Castile, known as "Giovanna la Pazza", queen of Castile and León
  • Joan I of the city, queen of the city
  • Joan II of the city, queen of the city
  • Giovanna la Beltraneja, queen of Castile León and queen consort of Portugal
  • Joan of Arc, French leader and mystic
  • Giovanna Melandri, politics and the countryside
  • Giovanna Mezzogiorno, actress and the village
  • Giovanna Ralli, actress and the country
  • Giovanna Trillini, fencer and the country

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