Girdles, bands and girdles for pregnancy

During pregnancy, as the belly grows and becomes heavier and heavier, pain in the kidneys and back may occur, especially in the lumbar (Read). Some doctors recommend, in this case, the use of girdles, bands or girdles to support the weight of the belly and not to overload the back.

The center of gravity of the body shifts due to the transformations of the body, in response to the weight of the belly, and all this causes a change especially in the spine that tries to adapt to the new center of gravity.
But what are the differences between these various types of products?

Sheath and belly: its shape protects the whole lumbar area and the belly. The girdle is generally sold in two distinct parts: a slip and a band that closes with velcro and hugs the hips and the belly (WATCH). The belly, on the other hand, can be made up of a single piece that reaches up to under the breast and covers and supports the belly and back entirely.

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Head Band: a simple band with easy velcro closure (WATCH) which is placed over the normal panties and immediately under the belly, in order to give it some support.
The girdles and girdles are sold in sizes and are not adjustable, so it is important to choose a model that fits snugly to the abdomen and back and that does not tighten excessively, also not to favor the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks.


Girdles and girdles for pregnancy

The various types of girdles and girdles to wear during pregnancy

On the market there are numerous types of bands and girdles, and some even wink at femininity. For example, the pregnancy underwear collection by Prenatal offers many sensual lines, with lace embroidery and different colors (WATCH).

But are the bellies and bands really useful?
Girdles are generally worn and recommended after childbirth (READ). After a cesarean, for example, they are useful for reducing post-partum pains and for getting back on your feet more quickly, but the belly also favors the recovery of the abdominal muscles. However, the debate is still open because someone says, instead, that the pancera after childbirth could create problems in the perineum and favor the appearance of incontinence in the long term.

During the pregnancy headbands and girdles should only be worn in case of severe problems with the back or when the weight of the belly is so unbearable as to make it difficult to carry out normal daily activities, for example in very thin women or in expectant mothers who are expecting twins.
In any case, the girdle must be purchased and worn only after the medical health insurance of confidence will have expressed itself on the matter and should not be worn all day.

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