Giving birth: does it really hurt that much?

In the forum of, a girl asks this fateful question, having not yet tried the experience of childbirth and the other users bring their testimonies. Read what they say and tell us yours

Fernanda91 asks:
Hello everyone ... I wanted to ask something .... But does it really hurt to give birth ???
I am a 17-year-old girl (still small) but the topic interests me so much also because I am dying to have a baby .... But I am terrified of childbirth, from the stories and videos I have seen ...

Many have responded by bringing their own experiences, more or less positive. Here are some testimonials:
machi says: From experience I tell you that it hurts much more than you expect! The pain of childbirth is a subjective thing, there are women like my mother who have very little labor, among other things a little painful and give birth without tearing or needing an episiotomy (Read), then there are those like me who do 20 hours of labor suffering the pains of hell holding on to the kidneys and stomach and in the end they even get the stitches.
In practice it is a lottery, but if during the contractions you relax and breathe deeply it hurts a little less and cmq it is always worth it !!!!!

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GIP is a little more consoling and says: But if you notice all mothers or almost all of them, after giving birth they say the following phrase "" Then you forget everything, as soon as you have the baby in your arms, the rest is put to you. part "" Actually it is like this ... I have had two caesarean sections and contrary to what they say it is not a more painless birth than the others, I would say in the same way. For the second pregnancy I went into labor mocking the scheduled date and I had to deal with contractions, they immediately took me to the delivery room and gave me anesthesia for the cesarean, I'll tell you that I gave them a good sigh of relief ehehehehehehehehehehehe

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Sakal's testimony is even more encouraging: Hello !!!!
I can tell you about my experience which was wonderful, my baby was born in 2 hours and the pain was there but it is more than bearable. As everyone tells you, it is very subjective, my gynecologist has always told me that for me it would have been rather "simple" because my internal tissues are very soft and I arrived at the hospital already 7 cm ... However, the preparatory courses they teach you how to breathe and that definitely helps !!
I sincerely wish you, indeed I sincerely wish all future mothers of this forum to have a beautiful birth like mine !!!!! A hug


The time of delivery

Many beautiful images concerning the moment of birth, unique and magical

Even Fragolina bodes well by telling: I have a wonderful memory of childbirth! It was not a walk, the pain is there and it is not immediately forgotten ... it took 12 hours to dilate me, I had some stitches .... but if I could go back I would do it all again! What you learned in the pre-birth courses (in my opinion) in those moments you forget everything but you still try to breathe as well as possible and very important for me was not fixate on the pain but I kept my mind busy praying ... and of course imagining my baby ... Then once born .. well you can tell me .. I have not slept for a few days from euphoria !! I also wish the future mothers a beautiful birth and post-partum !!!

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