Going out with babies in winter is possible. Indeed, it must!


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Raise your hand if, at least once, the problem has not been raised: is it possible to go out with babies in winter? Aren't they in danger of getting sick? Wouldn't it be better to keep them warm at home instead of exposing them to low temperatures? For mothers of babies born between spring and early autumn, everything is certainly easier. But not even in winter you have to give up the walk, even as soon as you return from the hospital. Just a few forethought is enough.

Going out with babies in winter: what pediatricians say

Do you think that the cold can hurt your little one for a few days or a few months? Nothing more wrong. According to pediatricians, it is much more harmful to make it stay in the house for many hours, perhaps with all the windows closed to avoid creating currents and a ball-shaped heating, breathing stale air that can dry or irritate the mucous membranes of the nose or promote the transmission of viruses.

The recommendation is to go outside at least once a day and it doesn't matter if it has snowed too (the air is cleaner too). And it is scientifically proven that children who are outdoors get sick less than those who remain wrapped up indoors.

Go out with babies in the winter and vitamin D

Going out with babies in winter is also useful for another reason: exposure to sunlight promotes the absorption of vitamin D, which is essential for the assimilation of calcium, therefore for the health of bones and teeth. Even in the winter season, however, always remember to close the canopy of the stroller or pram, so that the rays (if there are any!) Reach your child in a more attenuated way.

That said, ready, set, and all out!

When to go out with babies in winter

The walk with babies in winter should be done at slightly warmer times, so in the late morning or very early afternoon. However, go out in all weather conditions. Except one: the strong wind. The raised dust can cause irritation to the baby or facilitate the spread of various infections. For the rest, however, go ahead, even if it's cold. Unless - but it is also useless to write it - your child is not in optimal physical condition.

Going out with babies in winter: how to dress them

Cover the baby well, but do not suffocate him under duvets, blankets and scarves. If the temperatures are very low or there is a risk of rain you can use the transparent wax that practically all strollers are supplied with, but it would be better to let them breathe freely.

For newborns in winter, a scarf, hat and gloves are perfect. Do not dress them too much when you are still indoors and unbutton the jacket for example in the car or if you enter a shop. On the market there are many padded bags that can be adapted to strollers and prams.

If your puppy's skin is particularly delicate (and this is the case for most babies), before leaving babies in winter it is advisable to use a light moisturizer, to spread in particular on the face, so that it does not blushed.

The advantages of a walk with the baby

The benefits of taking a baby out for a walk are many. In the little ones it increases appetite and facilitates relaxation. Very often it is an opportunity for a good night's sleep, whether in the stroller or in the baby carrier or sling. But it is also a way to enjoy a large amount of sensory stimuli: smells, colors, lights, noises. So why let a bit of cold stop you?

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