Goodbye reddened ass! The methods to prevent and cure it

Il bottom reddened, symptom of dermatitis da diaper, it's a problem annoying it's enough frequent among newborns. However, small enough precautions to prevent this rubbing I continue with diaper it turns from a simple annoyance into something more serious.

In the most common form, namely the dermatitis irritative skin è reddened e hot to the touch, sometimes a little swells; may be present with some patch in one or more points or affect the whole bottom. In addition to strofinio I continue with the diaper, the dermatitis it can be caused by the contact with urine e disastrous, From 'humidity and the lack of replacement air (typical "greenhouse effect" of diapers), from infections, when new alimony introduced for example during the weaning.

Managers of the "little red ass”Can also be the allergies da contact, but in this case it is easy to locate the cause which causes specific changes on the skin of the child (it will therefore be reactions a products detergents, creme e scents and detergents used for diapers washable).

I advice to follow to avoid the reddened bottom they are pretty simple:

  • change often the diaper to keep dry il bottom of the little one;

  • wash it only with water hot avoiding the use of soap which may turn out to be too much aggressive, at most use natural oils;

  • to dry, dabbing with a cloth soft, folds area of skin and bottom;

  • leave the little one without diaper periodically to do freshen up the parts that are covered for a long time;

  • use a little more diapers great avoiding to tighten them excessively: this favors the circulation dell 'air;

  • applicare thin layers di creme: I'm to evaluate, but one thickness excessive suffocates the skin delicate of the baby; in case this was already reddened, it would be good to use ad hoc products against irritations (based on chamomile, calendula, zinc oxide e vitamin E), always without exaggerating;

  • do not use wet wipes and, if it is really necessary, choose them without preservatives o scents;

  • avoid softeners e detergents scented for diapers washable.

In addition to these precautions mostly estimates, there are several natural remedies which help to make i disappear quickly annoyances caused by redness. Once a day, it is helpful to do a bath soothing to the little one, without soapsBut with warm water and a tablespoon of bicarbonate replaceable withrice starch or with a few drops of calendula (25 of mother tincture).

The skin thus creates one barrier defensive against i bacteria becoming even more soft and less subject to irritations. So a way to say goodbye al bottom reddened.

Un help it also comes from wraps of infusion of helichrysum, one plant which has properties decongestants e protective (1 liter of water boiled and some handfuls of helichrysum), or from delicate tampons with oil di olive (3 tablespoons of water and 1 of oil) to be applied on the inflamed area with wads o gauze of cotton.

If then on skin irritated there are also some small ones wounds, relief could come thanks to the healing effect of the perfect to the calendula or the XNUMX/XNUMX cup salted butter di shea which has, from his own, also property soothing ed antibacterial.

However, if the patches they do not tend to diminish in a few giorni but the redness si intensifies, it is good to consult the pediatrician because in this case it could be ainfection da microorganisms (bacteria o mushrooms) found inside the diaper An environment umido perfect for multiplying. The reddened bottom it should not be overlooked.

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