Groin pain in pregnancy

Pubic pain in pregnancy

The pubis is a bone located in the ventral region and together with the ischium and ileum it helps to form the iliac bone. What to do if the pubic pain in pregnancy?

Pubalgia in pregnancy symptoms

Many times unknown postural imbalances determine a rigidity of the pelvis joints, this contributes together with the structural stress of pregnancy, to cause joint disorders of various entities.


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In pregnancy, as is well known, hormonal but above all postural alterations of the body's structure can cause this boring and painful pain. In order to avoid painful joint problems, before pregnancy, it is always useful to make an osteopathic or physiotherapy visit to check the normal movement of the pelvic bones and the posture in its entirety. There groin it manifests itself with intense pain in the pelvic area, an internal boredom that does not allow you to spread your legs, to turn over from your back, to get out of the car without experiencing intense discomfort.

The position of the fetus can also affect the groin, if it is breech, if it has the head turned or tilted to the side for example, it is more likely to develop pubic pain.

To prevent this annoyance, or even to alleviate it, it is useful to take some small precautions: let's see some of them.

First of all, it is recommended to place a pillow under your butt when lying on your stomach, while in the lateral position a pillow between the legs is recommended, this to spread the lower limbs a little while keeping them in the right balance position.

It is advisable to dress for sessions, especially to wear socks and pants. Staying on one limb can be painful and even impossible. Avoid lifting weights, good recommendation in pregnancy even in the absence of groin pain, and limit the use of stairs when possible. In the car, the simple movement of getting out is best done keeping the legs together as spreading them apart can create considerable discomfort.

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If the pain in the pubis becomes intense and regular, it is necessary to speak to the doctor, even an orthopedic is fine, to clarify the situation and give future treatment which usually consists of rest and good osteopathic care.

Never underestimate pelvic pain - this is very important. Everything is resolved, just ask for help to be followed in the best possible way by specialized personnel

For more information on groin pain, see the Kolster-Ebelt-Paprotny Physiotherapy Manual

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