Guardian angels prayer for children

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Guardian angels prayer for children

Prayers are an important time in the life of the gods children that grow inside Catholic families: children like to dedicate a moment of the day, especially in the evening, to concentrate by reciting verses that are often addressed to Jesus or to Blessed Virgin, but sometimes also a loved ones watching over them. Here are some examples of Guardian Angels Prayer for Children

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Guardian angels

Many children they love to address their own prayers to people who are no longer there. In some cases these are people they have never known, like the grandparents of their parents, but which they often hear about. At other times, unfortunately, they are close people disappeared prematurely, often of grandparents, of whom they bear more or less clear memories. These people, known or not, are for children guardian angels who watch over them every day so that they are well: this is why it is important to dedicate one to them prayer in the evening!

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Angel of God

La prayer most common aimed at angels and known by all is theAngel of God, which reads like this: 

"Angel of God,
that you are my keeper
enlighten, guard,
hold and rule me
that I was entrusted to you
from heavenly mercy.


It is a prayer that is possible recite every night, to be dedicated to all those who are no longer there or in general to angels.

Prayer to the Guardian Angel of Padre Pio

Padre Pio of Pietrelcina, a saint much loved by the el paeseni, had dedicated one of his to the angels prayer, which you can recite with yours children in the evening: 

"O holy guardian angel, take care of my soul and my body.

Enlighten my mind to know the Lord better

and love it with all your heart.

Assist me in my prayers so that I do not give in to distractions

but pay the greatest attention to it.

Help me with your advice, to see the good

and do it generously.

Defend me from the pitfalls of the infernal enemy and support me in temptations

because he always wins.

Make up for my coldness in the worship of the Lord:

do not cease to wait in my custody

until he takes me to heaven,

where we will praise the Good Lord together for all eternity. "

Prayer for grandparents guardian angels

If yours children they have lost grandparents, whether they have known them or not, it will be very nice to play one together prayer dedicated to them, so that they protect and watch over their grandchildren. Here are some ideas.

"Dear grandfather,

watch over me from Heaven, observe my steps and protect me when I make a mistake, show me the way and help me if I am not able to choose the right path. "

"Grandparents, always watch over me so that I am protected by your gaze and your love. Do not be afraid: as long as you are at my side, your wisdom will be my lighthouse."

"Dear grandmother, observe my steps and make sure my path is safe. Give me strength, perseverance and kindness."

"Dear grandparents, I dedicate my prayers to you tonight, so that you can watch over me and make me have good dreams. I always think of you and I love you!"

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More prayers for guardian angels

If the prayer it is not aimed at anyone in particular, you can act together with your children gods generic verses dedicated to guardian angels

"Dear little angel, watch over me and observe my steps. Make me good and generous, that I am not afraid and always know how to make the best choice."

"To you angel I turn, so that this night can be peaceful and you can look at me from up there."

"Angelo little angel, stay with me here in my bed. Hold me tight if I'm afraid, and always show me the future path. Always stay by my side, even when I'm at the counter! And if I'm wrong, don't scold me, thanks to you I can always improve ". 

Pray with your children it is important, and to dedicate some prayers to guardian angels it's a special way to do it with children!

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