Help, it's time for bed! How to promote sleep in children

For many Parents time to put your own children a bed it's kind of nightmare that shows up every will be. difficulties ad falling asleep they do not have age: whether it is Infants of a few months than a little more children older children, problem it can affect anyone. Still, there are many ways to help il children's sleep and, with a little bit of practice and some "experiment“, You will find ways to avoid tragedy evening, complete with yell out e cry.

Let's start with the most children. The first advice I say rock them and talk a lot Dolce, whispering fairy tales o lullabies into your ear, making sure that the environment you are in is sereno: nothing tv lit, for example, or fratelli larger than bisticciano. You know that by listening to the voice delicate of parents i premature in the incubator yes relax and accelerate the times of theirs development neurological?

Ideal then it is a massage: 5-10 minutes of caresses, stroking e clutches delicate on the whole body to favor the children's sleep and relieve them tensions (don't think they don't have any just because they are very small). Massage frees endorphins, which have an action soothing e painkilling. It is therefore perfectly fine in case of colic.

Prima to do the massage, wash yourself well le hands, grease them with some drop di oil of olive or of almonds sweets and slide them gently on body of child.

Dedicate yourself to rite of sleep a little bit of time: each of us in the evening is destroyed, but don't have hurry. If from 2-3 months you manage to carve out half an hour for this task, you will be able to put a bed the child without moods. The routine it's important. An example is bath-dinner-bed, respecting the times. Before going to bed, say goodbye to the Pope, micio or dog at home, the month out the window, the Plush favorite ei games that they did to him compagnia by day: in his fantasy he will understand that everyone goes to sleep.

Put it in cot before it is completely asleep, so you know where it is, and then sing one ninna nanna or tell one little story.

When our children they grow up have such energia never wanting to go to sleep: towards the age of 2 (in full phase of the "No.") Facilitate the children's sleep it can be more complicated. Ditto when they are even more great and they think they are Super heroes that never get tired. In fact, the rituals it is important at all age, my se the difficulties they seem insurmountable we can look for some alternative, for example with gods natural remedies.

"The naturopathy has a approach constitutional and always goes to seek the cause of ailments - he says Rosanna Pilia, expert in Integrated Naturopathy, Iridology and Mycotherapy -, so the first step is to understand why the child has problems a sleep, and action is taken on causes: emozioni, fears, supply, teething, shortages, wrong habits, too much tension. Clearly, there are several approaches e remedies which can also be used in such a way symptomatic. Healthy children have a lot reactivity and often enough really little to help them: le plants relaxing, the Vitamins natural, i minerals righteous, i Probiotics for a gut that produces neurotransmitters, but also the flower therapy, the essential oils and of sali at Schussler. There are remedies that can be adopted as early as first few months, others after i three years. For children I prefer products without alcohol with hydroenzymatic extraction, in drops dosable based on weight e pleasant also in the taste, that contain plants effective as lime, hop, passiflora, lavender essence , chose, hawthorn".

Le herbal teas they can be a valid one idea, even if you don't have to do it yourself. “Useful herbal teas - underlines Rosanna Pilia -, always unsweetened, can be administered from the first months, from the classic chamomile, lime, fennel if they are colicates to disturb sleep. Also give mix di minerals o tissue salts, before sleep, helps to perform during the notte the natural function regulating, repairing, regenerating, detoxifying. Well products exist balanced, to be dissolved in water, welcome to young and old; for the doses however, the advice of the professional, who will do a choice targeted e personalized, in order not to create kidney burdens ".

Have you ever thought that the difficulties of sonno some children may also depend onsupply? It also happens to the adults to have a bad night if you eat too much or badly, then imagine in the little ones. To facilitate the children's sleep therefore we also need "adjustments" at the table.

“It seems trivial - says the naturopath -, but ours children are hyper powered, but undernourished, that is, they eat very, but abound with unhealthy food, with few nutrients. Hyperactivity diurnal e disturbed sleep are attributable to the food they eat, then eliminate o reduce drastically it XNUMX/XNUMX cup sugar, for example, it makes children less nervous. To decrease desserts, snacks, bread, pizza, and increase the consumption of fruit e vegetables, dried fruit, shakes with vegetable milks and fresh fruit, raw sweets based on fruit and seeds, will guarantee in addition to the good sleep, even more health. Limit milk e cheese give less mucus which occludes the respiratory tract, another reason for disorder of sleep ".

Attention to one last important appearance: never take initiatives autonomous. It is not said that natural is synonymous with sano, especially if it comes to Infants e children. Better to rely on who he really is preparato. "In case of doubt, the opinion of a expert is always preferable - recommends Rosanna Pilia -: also i foods can have contraindications o interactions with drugs o supplements. Some remedies instead, like some essential oils, they can cause in the newborn bronchospasm o convulsions (eucalyptus e mint), so there is no improvisation ".

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