Holiday in Europe with the little ones? Here's where to go

    Holiday in Europe with the little ones? Here's where to go

    THEsummer has arrived and many still have to decide which ones mete choose for holidays. When the family expands, you have to take into account needs of the various membership, especially of most people small. So here's where the search area of goal Partner. As choose it? Here are a few advice about where andare in holiday in Europe with children very small, 2 or 3 year olds and so on.

    If you don't want to give up travel toabroad although a new one has recently arrived little bird in nest, then we give you some simple ones suggestions to apply for choose la destinazione ideal: for one holiday in Europe with only one son, of a few months, the ideal will be opt for a goal baby-friendly, that is, where i children they are not looked upon with suspected, where thenursing (in case you are breastfeeding) both well I accept and where there is possibility to do many stops.

    In this case the capital European, especially the northern Europe are perfect: almost all luoghi public are equipped with changing table e areas for the most children and no one will look at you awry if you go around with a neonate.

    If you have both a neonate than a child small you will have to plan your goal is preferably used for holiday in Europe also taking into account the attractions of the place as much as they can to interest un child: first of all, the presence of natural parks, of park games, equipped areas, zoo e Aquariums. All places suitable for pause relaxing, necessary for the little ones travelers and for Parents (but equip yourself with strollers comfortable or footboards to hook), and that can be interesting for the whole family.

    It is also fundamental follow the interests of the small: if he is fond of Science or experiments, visited i museums area of science adapted for i children of each age.

    If we then want to go to the concrete and talk about city suitable for one holiday in Europe coi small we report Vienna with historic houses parks, zoo and a lot caution for the most children; the city Scandinavian, filled with museums e historic houses parks dedicated, such as that of Pippi Calzelunghe a Stockholm; The Poland where children I'm "sacred"And there is no shortage of attractions dedicated to them, like the museum on Copernicus; Lisbon that makes of the relationship quality price one of its strong points together withOceanarium; Berlin, Bratislava and then the Switzerland in general.

    The important is to plan good times e movements: only you know yours child and you know what it could like you.

    For your holiday in Europe, remember not to charge you di diapers e baby food, because wherever you go you can find out what you need. Do not forget, however, the medicine and beni before need, because it is important not to stay lacking abroad, where you may have problems with the language. And then if your little ones know disegnare let him hold a diario di journey, it will be nice memory da browse together.

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