Holidays with children, here's what to pack


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Last call for the holidays !!! Today we want to make a "last minute" post for all mothers who will leave in August or - opting for smart holidays - after this fateful date. Traveling with small children can seem like an exaggerated undertaking and it seems that an entire house has to be dismantled. Everything seems useful and indispensable. And the result is that you set off loaded like mules. But what do you really need for holidays with children in tow? Let's make a smart list, which allows you to have the things you need without overdoing it. 

Holidays with children and means of transport

The quantity of objects and small objects to take with you on vacation also depends on the means of transport you have chosen to leave. If it has a large trunk, the car is certainly the most comfortable system because it allows a little more autonomy. It is obvious that there is a limit beyond which you cannot go (unless the trunk is a bit like Mary Poppins' suitcase, practically without a bottom), but when you have small children it is certainly practical. 

The plane instead limits a little more on the amount of things to carry for holidays with children. Almost all airlines now allow small hand luggage for free, while those to be checked in often have to be paid for. With "mini travelers" it is almost always necessary to add them to the ticket. Check with the airline you are traveling with to find out if there are any special concessions for the transport of baby items, such as the stroller, and for hold luggage. Even on the train or bus you can't have half a house with you, but you have to leave what is really superfluous.

Holidays with children: what to bring

Always remember a fundamental rule: unless you go to really remote places, you can buy what you need directly at your destination. For example, stocking up on diapers can be done in the place where you will spend your holidays. You don't need to leave home with 27 packs: it's just lost space. The same goes for baby food. 

Here are the things to keep on hand while traveling:

  • a light jacket with a hood or a sweater in case it is cold due to the air conditioning. If the child is very small, a pair of socks or shoes to cover the feet.
  • A sufficient supply of diapers.
  • At least a complete change of clothes in case of small "accidents" like a fruit juice spilled on him. 
  • Wet wipes. Water is enough at home, but when traveling they are very convenient for changing, washing hands and also for the "damage" caused by a snack or lunch.
  •  Waterproof bib.
  • Resealable plastic bags, e.g. for storing a baby bottle, dirty clothes, used diapers.
  • A light blanket for a nap or to play. 
  • Something old and something new to spend the travel time. A toy that has already been used is a guarantee because you already know how much the child loves it. The risk, however, is that he may abandon it soon. And here comes the brand new object that will attract him, distracting him from the journey. A picture book, a soft toy that plays, a rattle are some ideas. 

Holidays with children and food

Whatever the age of your children for the trip, you still have to think about some food to take with you. The problem clearly does not exist in the case of breastfeeding, but for babies who take formula milk or who are older, the situation changes. Better to be prepared and not trust what you can find on the plane, ship or in motorway restaurants: the products are not always suitable for the little ones.

Depending on the length of the journey, bring with you what you need for 1-2 meals: baby food (including fruit) or freeze-dried, crackers, cereals, milk, fruit juices and lots of water. To avoid waste, make portions of 100 grams. Dry foods are very important for children who suffer from motion sickness, air or sea sickness. Keeping them on an empty stomach only makes their malaise worse, while dry foods are a great help. 

If you go to villages or hotels, inquire about the type of meals provided. Please note that you are traveling with a small child and point out any special needs, such as gluten-free foods in case of celiac disease.

Holidays with children: what not to forget 

For holidays with children some things should not be missing in the suitcase:

  • the child's favorite object: whether it's a soft toy, a dou dou or a sheet, don't forget it at home. You may be forced to go back to retrieve it.
  • Clothes in quantity. Of course, if you go somewhere with a washing machine you can also reduce the number, but always keep someone as spare.
  • Protective sun cream (HERE you can read how to choose the right one).
  • A waterproof cloth for changing at the hotel.
  • Lucina for the night.
  • Plastic socket covers: if the little one crawls, better run for cover in the hotel or at home. 
  • Hygiene products: those found in the hotel are not suitable for such delicate skin of a child.
  • Insect repellent. If your child is allergic to bee stings, he must always have adrenaline with him.
  • First aid kit: disinfectant, plasters, sterile gauze, thermometer, tweezers, antibacterial cream. 
  • Medicines recommended by the pediatrician: generally, something to lower fever, lactic ferments in case of gastrointestinal disorders, drops for earache, antihistamines in case of allergies. 


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