Homeopathic remedies for menstrual disorders

Choose a remedy that relieves the symptoms of the monthly cycle, it is not a simple undertaking, in fact, the intensity and the type of disorders that can occur, change from one individual to another, and it is not possible to identify a therapy common to all. This happens because the hormones by their nature are released into the circulation, acting on the whole organism with heterogeneous effects that vary from woman to woman.  

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Generally the premenstrual suffering it manifests itself with typical symptoms such as: headache, abdominal or kidney pain, associated with a feeling of fatigue, breast tension, hypersensitivity. There are also lucky women who only experience slight abdominal discomfort, others for whom the monthly cycle corresponds to an increase in psycho-physical performance, both in sports and in the workplace or creative, and still others who are unable to carry out any activity. for the entire period given, lat greater intensity of symptoms as in cases of dysmenorrhea, that is, particularly strong and recurrent menstrual pains. Furthermore, the aggravation of symptoms in coincidence with particular periods of stress should not be neglected.

The drugs that are usually used are pain relievers, but often the painful sensation is attributable to a muscle spasm, in the uterus and abdominal smooth muscles, so you can find relief more than from an NSAID, from a muscle relaxant such as N-butyl bromide of hyoscine. Alternatively, however, relief can be found thanks to a preventive action, using natural or endogenous remedies, free of side effects like traditional drugs.


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Menstrual pains and dysmenorrhea

Both before and during the menstrual cycle, severe painful states such as migraine or abdominal pain, sometimes very strong and recurrent, can occur. Research carried out by the neurology department of the University Hospital of Clermont-Ferrand, France, concluded that a long-term therapy (2 daily intakes for three months) with an association of willow and feverfew it clearly decreases the painful symptoms, without causing side effects. 

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This effective combination is found in HAI, a complete product for the prevention of premenstrual disorders but also of all painful states, it contains willow and feverfew combined with methylsulfonylmethane (MSN), a pain reliever with prevalent activity on the joints, which has an excellent preventive action.

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Le herbal extracts based therapies, instead of pure chemical substances, they are effective and do not involve any unwanted effects, because by taking the plant in its entirety with its phytocomplex, there is also an intake of those elements, not strictly therapeutic, which however protect the body from side effects and adverse effects of the active ingredient.

Nervous tension and mood swings

In the period when the menstrual cycle occurs, one may be prone to symptoms of psychological or emotional types, such as hypersensitivity, irritability and nervousness, as well as muscular and nervous tension. In these cases, the intake of plant extracts of lemon balm, hops, mugwort and calendula, substances that boast antispasmodic and muscle relaxant properties, with a relaxing, anti-inflammatory and emmenagogue action, that is able to regulate the menstrual cycle and its characteristic mood swings.

To regulate the menstrual cycle and consequently reduce emotional hypersensitivity there are compounds such as Prodonna more that thanks to the action of lemon balm, hops, mugwort and calendula, is able to regulate the menstrual cycle and related mood swings.

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In times of psycho-physical stress, they are likely to aggravate PMS, it is also very useful to supplement magnesium: this ion participates in various reactions of our organism, especially at the brain and muscle level, and a lack of it leads to a state of cellular hyperexcitability with abnormal responses to stimuli. The positive effects are manifested by both muscular, psychological and vascular relaxation.

The assumption of SUPERMAG more it serves to maintain the right level of magnesium in the body, in fact, thanks to a magnesium intake of 375 mg, or 100% of the recommended daily allowance (RDA). The form of magnesium as pidolate and chloride guarantees good absorption and excellent bioavailability, so the beneficial effects are immediately perceptible. Read also: Phases of the menstrual cycle
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