Homogenized and freeze-dried, what are the differences

Comes for all Parents that moment halfway between the pure initiation and doubts infinite in which in le certainties they are nothing short of floating and no one knows how face up to la situation (especially in the case of the former children and in any case you always give 6 months di "vita" on!). Exactly! We are really talking about the period the weaning when thenursing is no longer enough and theindecision among which homogenized e lyophilized buy can open debates exhausting and become a new voice of Wikipedia .

It is necessary from the beginning emphasize and homogenized e lyophilized they have the same features nutritional. The process process and mode di storage instead they are the only two wait which determine the differences.

- homogenized di meat for example they come prepared cooking the meat with jet hot of steam, then homogenized closed cycle; this guarantees a food particolarmente easy da digest - we talk about fragmentation di thousandths di millimeter (from 50 to 200) of fibers area of meat –, devoid di sale, of preservatives, dyes o additives, hygienically perfect for a neonate.

Al process of "homogenization"Ed drying, the lyophilized add the freezing and dehydration (precisely the process of freeze-drying). Usually i lyophilized are selected to meet the need initials of weaning such as, for example, a function digestive more immature. The fragmentation area of meat it's even more bill compared to that of homogenized and thus allows for easier digestion al bimbo.

It goes without saying that in the case of homogenized e lyophilized, the alimony selected they come from by areas controlled all-round in order to guarantee the highest quality of the products. The farms are well distant da sources di pollution, as well as the fruit is selected e collection at the right point of maturity and for law, there must not be track di additives chemical e pesticides.

However it is true that the products lyophilized si retain much more a lungo of homogenized, it's theirs intake nutritional is more bass. However, it must be said that homogenized e lyophilized they must be introduced in diet of small a little a little and this will also depend on the neonate because there are those who get used to eating food solid more in hurry.

Some advice apply to both i lyophilized that for the homogenized: in the first phase the weaning la basis di vegetables and the choice best (the first "pappine“), Followed by meat white of chicken o rabbit (if it is homogenized, just heat the product a bain-marie or Microwave).

Finally if you still have the possibility di grow directly small pieces di land or a nonna peasant or a farmer di confidence, always choose theirs products "Natural" ai jars coming from the world industrial how long secure. Enough today buy a homogenizer and the game it's done. L'homogenization housewife is quite another history...

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