How breasts change during pregnancy

How does the breast change in pregnancy


Often it is one of the symptoms of a pregnancy that has just begun: the breast it becomes tense and sore and often begins to increase in size within the first few weeks.

The breast transforms during the nine months: it becomes more sensitive, sometimes sore, it becomes larger and heavier, also due to the changes that occur in the milk ducts, the channels through which the milk will pass.

It is important to take care of your breasts during pregnancy, also because the main danger is represented by stretch marks, small or large scars that are red-purplish at first and then turn white.

What are the causes of stretch marks?

There is certainly a genetic component that predisposes you to a greater risk of stretch marks, but it is essential to keep the skin supple to minimize the chances of stretch marks appearing.

Here are some useful tips.

  • Purchase a suitable bra. The bra can make the difference: it has to adapt to new shapes, it has to support the breast without compressing it. The ideal is a cotton bra with fairly wide straps and without padding, which does not tighten the breasts. It must not leave marks on the skin and must support in a natural way.
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  • Rassodare with the shower. The showers with cold water jets firm the breasts, stimulate blood circulation, tone the skin. Instead, hot water dilates the capillaries and relaxes the tissue and skin. For the whole pregnancy, the ideal is to take a lukewarm shower and close them with a quick jet of cold water. You can also take a cold shower on the legs, starting from the ankles and going up to the calves: they tone the thighs and improve circulation, fighting water retention. If a discharge of. Has formed in the nipples colostrum (yellow liquid) clean the nipples with soap and water, gently, so that no scabs will form.
  • Do gentle pectoral exercisesthe. The important thing is to make them gently. Raise your arms so that your elbows are level with your chest and squeeze palm to palm tightly for 30 seconds.
  • Apply an anti-stretch mark cream. Purchase a specific anti-stretch mark cream for pregnant women. Every day with circular movements avoiding the nipple area, practicing a gentle massage on the skin, insisting on the areas where the first signs of stretch marks appear.
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