How do you see if it is male or female

How do you see if it is male or female

How do you see if it is male or female

"The important thing is that he is healthy" of course, we all know that, but all expectant parents, from the first moment after discovering that they are healthy, fantasize about sex of the unborn child, projecting dreams, desires, childhood memories onto these reveries.
Without prejudice to the fact that sometimes there is no certainty about the sex of the child even after the famous morphological ultrasound, it is also true that there have always been conjectures, proverbs are recited etc on the methods to first understand the sex of the unborn child.
These are not real rules but considerations made at the basis of ... nothing, if not rumors, proverbs, old sayings and legends, nothing scientific or medical of course, but it is certainly fun to try to compare these methods with your own situation.

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How to tell if you are expecting a boy before the ultrasound

It is said that the male makes you feel 'thank good' and makes you ugly 'much less than the girl, so if you didn't have morning sickness at the beginning of pregnancy, it is already a point in favor of the blue ribbon.

Then there are the things that can tell you about the shape of your belly: probably if you wait for a male it will be more moved forward, that is to say a tip, while for females it tends to widen also towards the hips. Basically, when you are expecting a boy the belly looks like a balloon, a bit like when someone jokingly hides a ball under the shirt to mimic pregnancy, the effect is just that. 
As far as the breast on the other hand, the breasts appear a little more drooping and the haloes of the nipples are darker in color.
but let's get to the topic cravings, that is the things that you most like to eat when you are expecting a baby: salty and / or acidic foods, lots of proteins, especially those present in cured meats and cheeses, moreover odors are perceived with greater intensity, and when you pee the you will notice the color changed, probably bright yellow.

Other characteristics that you can find with your hand will be colder feet, hair on the legs grows back, alas, more quickly, more frequent headaches, hands appear very dry, but despite everything you are more beautiful and the people around you point it out.
And now we come to the real games, in fact it is said that, by rotating a wedding ring hanging from a chain on the belly, it moves forming circles, the circles indicate the male, or if you add the number of your years at the time of conception and the number of the month in which conception took place, the sum is an even number (if it is odd it will be a girl). Another nice game to play is the r's game.

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How to tell if you are expecting a female before the ultrasound

To be sure to wait for one female you can use the indications of the previous paragraph on the contrary, or in the case of a pink bow the nausea will certainly be more frequent or of greater intensity, as we have already said the enlargement of the belly will also be distributed on the hips so the shape of the belly will seem ovoid, the left breast is usually larger than the right breast in pregnancies with a female fetus, and the expectant mother's hair will show reddish reflections. In addition to being larger, your breasts will stand much taller than usual. As far as food is concerned you will have more craving for sweets, but also fruit and orange juice.

Coming to the more negative aspects, those expecting females do not seem as happy and calm as they would be during pregnancy and the face has more impurities than usual, but all in all, very little, right?

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