How does the abortion pill work?

Abortion pill

Since she arrived in el country a few years ago the Ru486 abortion pill (mifepristone) is used in a large part of hospitals and villages that practice voluntary termination of pregnancy. But how does drug abortion work and what are the side effects? Here's everything you need to know

Abortion pill how it works

First, let's make it clear that the abortion pill is not the morning after pill. The first represents a pharmacological system for practicing an abortion; the second is an emergency contraceptive system that can be used in the 72 hours following the at-risk intercourse. Ru486 acts on an ongoing gestation; the morning after pill prevents the egg from nesting in the uterus.

Drug abortion can be performed only by the eighth week of gestation, in full compliance with law 194 on voluntary termination of pregnancy. Beyond this date it is not possible to guarantee its effect and the woman will have to undergo a termination of pregnancy with curettage.

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The drug is an antagonist of the progesterone, which is an essential hormone to keep pregnancy going, and blocks its action. The woman first takes three mifepristone pills in the hospital and then she comes home and two days later she returns to the hospital. On that occasion, some containing glow plugs are inserted into the vagina prostaglandin, which serves to expel the abortive material. Within 4 hours, 99% of women experience profuse menstrual bleeding accompanied by contractions.

A final ultrasound will be done after a few hours to verify that the uterus is clean. At that point you can go home.

Where to take the abortion pill

Pharmacological abortion is carried out exclusively in the hospital. The procedure to follow is as follows:

  • go to the hospital for a first visit
  • the doctor will do an ultrasound to establish the gestation period and will advise which type of interruption to proceed with, whether surgical or pharmacological
  • in the case of pharmacological abortion you will be given documents that must be signed in which the entire procedure is well explained and what must be done

Abortion Pill Side Effects

L'effectiveness of the abortion pill stands at 97-98%, a lot depends on the week in which the drug is taken (the sooner you take it, the more likely everything will go well) in the event that it does not work you will have to resort to curettage.

Il bleeding which ends the pharmacological abortion generally lasts 10-15 days, during which spot blood losses may occur which should not cause concern.

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