How many kg do you lose after giving birth?

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How many kg do you lose after giving birth?

Losing weight after pregnancy seems to be the obsession of many women, who worry about being able to get back into their clothes as soon as possible and not to show off that annoying postpartum bacon anymore. Today, however, let's clarify how many kg are lost after childbirth.

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Losing weight at all costs after a child

Before analyzing how the body works after childbirth, however, we should focus on how the brain works. Why so many new mothers do they worry from the first days of the puerperium to regain the pre-pregnancy form? Much of the "guilt", if you can call it that, is to be found in the models that society imposes on us, so if you don't fit in a certain size, you're not doing well. Fortunately more and more famous women they choose to shamelessly show the postpartum belly and the extra kilos, taking the time to recover. 

But there is also another twist: many women no longer recognize their bodies and, in case they have put on many kg because of pregnancy, they are keen to lose them also for a matter of health. This aspect should not be underestimated and, in any case, a woman is free to choose what makes her feel better.

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The kg lost during childbirth

Normally every woman who gives birth loses a certain amount of kg accumulated during pregnancy. This is because baby, placenta and amniotic fluid have their own weight which therefore affects the balance. Generally speaking, a woman who gives birth loses about 6-8kg, depending on the weight of the child, of the amniotic fluid but also of the water accumulated in the blood.

I gave birth but I have not lost weight

But if you decide to pesarvi once you come home and you realize not having lost even one kg or almost, the explanations can be mainly two: 

  • you do not know exactly the weight reached just before childbirth
  • you are holding back many liquid

In any case, you don't have to worry, because each body is unique and not everyone responds in the same way. If the weight loss in childbirth seems small compared to the rule, you may have accumulated too many liquid or perhaps the uterus, which in the nine months has reached the size of a watermelon, has yet to recede. Wait for the 40 days and then weigh yourself again.

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How to lose weight after giving birth

We said that after the delivery, as a rule, about 6 8-kg that match child e liquid. However, the advice is not to make weight become an obsession: breastfeeding, retention and other factors can greatly influence weight (not to mention the milk supply). Wait for the 40-day visit and the start of breastfeeding to think about any kg that you have left and, once the doctor's ok, you can think of one diet (from a specialist, especially if you are breastfeeding) andphysical exercise (not without first checking the status of the abdominal wall and perineal muscles). 

Tips for losing weight after giving birth

Once you get home from the maternity however, you can put into practice some advice for lose weight after childbirth which do not include diets drastic or sport dangerous. The thing that matters most right now is your well-being and the baby's, you need to rest and feel good. 

Here are some tips to try to dispose of the extra kg: 

  • begged a lot, especially water, centrifuges and herbal teas
  • walks a lot, taking the opportunity to take the baby for a walk
  • avoid desserts and too salty foods, which compromise the retention of liquid
  • eat mostly fruits, vegetables and proteins, but don't forget i carbohydrates, essential for finding energy, and prefer them whole for a greater intake of fiber
  • regularize the intestine, by consuming kiwifruit when you wake up and other high-fiber foods, such as prunes

After giving birth are lost naturally 6-8kg, but this is not the case for all. But wait for the first ones 40 days puerperium before undergoing strict diets or exhausting workouts: you need to recover and dedicate yourself to yourself and the baby, not to enter a size 40!


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