How motherhood makes you a better woman

Becoming a mother makes women better

Nothing expresses well the become mothers like the word resilience. I like it in its first meaning, that of metallurgy: resilient it is in fact a metal that is able to absorb a particularly powerful impact without breaking. Aren't moms made of the same stuff too? It takes a lot of strength to resist the impact of a child in a person's life. She is a minute, fragile being, who depends on us in everything but who makes space in existences with the power of a giant: this is why - despite the fatigue, the hours of lost sleep, the anger - becoming a mother makes us best.

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Let's think about it: before having children how did we spend our time? We probably lost a lot of it, didn't we? Of course, some may argue that one could devote much more to oneself, but at some point - and we all know it - there comes a time when all the things we liked best like the beautician, the hairdresser, go at the cinema and at dinner out they no longer had the same importance, because something was always missing, a small void that we didn't know how to define.

  • Ready to welcome

Here: that's where we began to think as mothers, even if we didn't know it yet. We have become ready to welcome.

  • Take better care of ourselves

When our belly finally became a warm place to grow, being pregnant led us to take better care of ourselves: we began to realize that we were no longer alone. So we started eating more carefully, we stopped smoking, we even started exercising if we were lazy before. We caressed the baby bump for hours, we talked to it, we dreamed of it getting bigger and bigger. Mother Teresa of Calcutta said:

It is in the moment in which one accepts, in which one makes the gift of oneself, that one is sure of faith

We mothers can say:

It is in the moment in which one makes a gift of oneself that one is sure of love

  • Love tests you

The love between mother and child, the greatest mystery. And once our baby is born, we look him in the eye and even if he still doesn't see well he knows - we don't know how but he knows - that you are the only mother he can have, because he recognized you, then you realize that you are really ready to walk together. It doesn't mean the road will be easy because love - just like faith - tests you and there will be times when we will be tired and we can't take it anymore and then we will remember the beautician and the hairdresser and dinners out and the cinema. But if it were easy love then it wouldn't be love.

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  • Children teach how to live

Our children become the point of view on the world. We will never stop wondering if we are on the right path, if they grow up calm. They are our bosses, our judges, our emotional barometers. If they are not well we too will not be well; when they smile at us eating a peach and tell us it is the best thing they have ever eaten, we know that it is they who teach us to live, not us.  We become better as human beings thanks to a little person who happily strolls around with the scent of flowers and the smell of rain.

  • We deal with ourselves

When we become mothers we have to deal with ourselves: we learn from our children that if we have limits we can overcome them (who, before having any, thought that she would be able to survive even a month in a row sleeping no more than two hours?), that our relationship is a labor limae, a work of filing, as the ancients said. Rounding corners to understand, try, not understand and try again what can be done when they are not sleeping or having a tantrum.

  • Increase our self-esteem

Even from a professional point of view - despite what many bosses think - being mothers is an added value. It allows us to optimize time, to organize better, to be flexible, all skills that we learn to develop with our children. We are amazed at how smart we can be, why being mothers helps us develop our self-esteem. After all, if we learn to manage a baby in swaddling clothes, we can also win over a CEO.

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