How positive affirmations can do us good

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"I love myself", "I am strong in the face of life's challenges," I will find the right person. They may seem like simple statements, but if used correctly and truly believing in their meaning, positive affirmations turn out to be a cognitive tool that helps us improve our mood, stay positive and bring self-esteem benefits.

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Positive affirmations: daily use

Putting positive affirmations into practice consists in repeating positive phrases daily about ourselves, our abilities or attitudes.

How to make positive affirmations effective

To be effective, they must be:

  • concise,
  • not very long
  • be set using the present tense.

We can dedicate several moments of our day to our positive affirmations.

Here is a proposal to start with to put positive affirmations into practice.

Upon awakening each morning, several times throughout the day and before bed, take a few minutes to repeat aloud or write down your positive affirmations. For example, in the case of an employee who is facing a particularly intense work moment, the positive affirmation may be "I am able to remain calm in times of stress", while in view of a job interview, a good option. è "I have faith in my abilities". If you are overwhelmed by your everyday life as a parent you can instead repeat "I am a good mom" or "I am a good dad".

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How positive affirmations work

But how do positive affirmations affect our minds? It sounds unbelievable, but the positive affirmations are a real one bridge between the conscious and the subconscious part of our mind. When we repeat these statements over and over what we do is influence our subconscious, and this will cause us to change our way of thinking to the point where the negative ideas that we have stored up to now and that have directly influenced our habits and behaviors, they are replaced by new, positive ones.

The benefits of positive affirmations

The powers of positive affirmations? They improve self-esteem, self-confidence and awareness. Because the important thing is to believe it, but really believe it, only in this way can positive affirmations work and defeat all our negative thoughts. In addition to believing in it, you must be constant in the daily repetition exercise, to be carried out several times throughout the day.

The more confidence we have in positive affirmations, the more constant we are in repeating them, the more solid the arguments they are based on, and the easier and faster it will be to start seeing their effects and benefits. If our statements are written and well argued, they will be more effective as they fit better in our specific case.

For example, in the case of a person with low self-esteem, you can start by focusing on the statement "I am able to achieve everything I aim for". This affirmation must turn into a real guide of behavior, which will be oriented towards the achievement of this end, and will allow to put in place positive action mechanisms that will lead to the achievement of the final goal. Positive affirmations increase the behavioral activation, motivation and interest of the subject who practices them.

The path to awareness and change

Each case is unique. As always, it is wrong to generalize, because each of us has their own times, and not all moments in life are the same, so we cannot define in terms of time how long it takes to see the effects of this practice. What is certain, however, is that dedication and constancy are fundamental conditions for the success of the process. Positive affirmations are a tool for knowing oneself, one's abilities and one's desires, capable of unlocking important processes of profound introspection and change.

 We can all put positive affirmations into practice

Among the virtues of this technique, there is the fact of being accessible to all, and of being able to bring benefits in the most disparate situations. Positive affirmations are in fact recommended to everyone, since their purpose is to improve our mood, maintain a positive attitude towards life and difficulties, and increase the confidence we place in our abilities. They help us act positively and love ourselves.

Examples of positive affirmations

First of all, the positive affirmations that invite us to accept ourselves. Some examples could be:

  • "I accept myself for who I am",
  • "I have many positive qualities",
  • "I have everything I need to achieve my goals",
  • "I am self-sufficient, enthusiastic and determined in what I do."

These affirmations help us build our self-confidence and motivate us to act on our goals to get what we want. They set us in motion and direct us towards personal fulfillment and self-respect.

Attention, positive affirmations dthey must always be personalized and adapt to each individual case. The generic affirmations that we can find in standard apps or programs can be used as a starting point to elaborate our personal positive affirmations, which must be based on our experiences, our experience and the goals we want to achieve.

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