How the Mom Tomorrow Bonus works for pregnant women

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Bonus Mom Tomorrow

Together with the compulsory maternity leave application, again for the 2022 you can request the Bonus Mom Tomorrow, altrimenti I notice eat Pregnancy Bonus or Birth Bonus. It is an economic contribution to support women, mothers and future mothers. Here's everything we need to know about requirements, amounts and how to apply.

Bonus Mom tomorrow 2022

The bonus mom tomorrow was introduced for the first time in the country with the Budget Law 2022 and has been renewed for this year as well. In 2022, all measures to support families with dependent children should unite in the Single Check.

The birth bonus is equal to 800 € in a single solution and is intended for women who have passed the seventh month of pregnancy or who are about to adopt a child. The application must be submitted after the completion of the seventh month of pregnancy and in any case, without exception, within one year of birth, adoption or fostering

Requirements for the Moms Bonus tomorrow

The 800 euro bonus is paid by theINPS and aims to help women who are expecting a child in the expenses that have to be incurred during pregnancy (exams, drugs, visits, products for early childhood etc ...), but also to those who have completed the procedure to adopt a child.

Il Bonus Moms Tomorrow joins that Baby. These i requirements to request the Bonus Moms tomorrow 2022:

  • Having reached the seventh month of pregnancy
  • having adopted a minor, national or international, with a sentence that has become - definitive pursuant to law no. 184/1983;
  • Residence in the village
  • Citizenship of the country or community
  • For non-EU citizens, the EU residence permit for period residents or one of the residence cards for family members of EU citizens
  • Non-EU citizens with the status of political refugees or with subsidiary protection are equated with el Paese citizens.
  • For non-EU citizens, it is necessary to have an EU residence permit for long-term residents or one of the residence cards for family members of EU citizens provided for in Articles. 10 and 17 of the Legislative Decree n. 30/2007, as per ministerial indications relating to the extension of the regulations envisaged in the matter of childbirth allowance to the measure in question (see INPS circular 214 of 2022)
  • In the case of multiple births, the application, if already presented at the completion of the seventh month of pregnancy, must also be presented at birth with the inclusion of the information of all the minors necessary for the integration of the premium already requested, with respect to the number of births.

When to apply?

The application must be presented after the completion of the seventh month of pregnancy and in any case, without exception, within one year of the occurrence of the event (birth, adoption or fostering).

Method of disbursement of the contribution

The benefit will be provided in a single solution for one of these events:
  • completion of the seventh month of pregnancy
  • childbirth, even if before the beginning of the eighth month of pregnancy
  • adoption of a minor, national or international, after a final sentence
  • national or international pre-adoption foster care

How do you apply for the Mothers Bonus tomorrow 2022?

Since it is a support given directly by theINPS it is advisable to connect to the institutional website and read the requirements and procedures for access.

The application can be submitted to INPS:

  • via the web, using the services of the INPS portal, accessible directly through the Pin;
  • by calling the Integrated Contact Center at 803164, free of charge from a landline, or at 06164164 for calls from mobile phones with rates charged to the user;
  • or through the patronages and caf

How to certify pregnancy

  • Anyone expecting a child must present a health certificate issued by the doctor indicating the presumed date of birth.
  • If presented after the birth, the mother will have to self-certify the date of birth and the details of the child.
  • The original certificate or authenticated copy must be presented at the INPS counter or sent by registered mail, or you can indicate the number of the telematic protocol of the certificate issued by the doctor of the national health service or ASL agreement.
  • Or if you have already submitted an application to INPS for another service (for example, exemption from work for maternity at risk) just indicate to INPS that you have already certified pregnancy for the previous practice.
  • For future non-working mothers, as an alternative to the pregnancy certificate, it is possible to indicate the 15-digit identification number of a medical prescription issued by a doctor, indicating the exemption code between M31 and M42 included.
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Bonus for families 2022

Summarizing what are the various measures already active and financed to support families for 2022?

  • Bonus Moms Tomorrow: an 800 euro bonus for pregnant women who have reached the seventh month of pregnancy;
  • Baby bonus: an annual contribution whose value varies according to the ISEE. Compared to the birth allowance of the laws of previous years, still applicable for events prior to 2022, for births, adoptions and pre-adoptions in 2022, the benefit is reshaped with new ISEE thresholds and may also apply for ISEE higher than the threshold of 40.000 euros or even in the absence of the ISEE indicator. All information on the INPS website
  • Nursery bonus: the benefit reserved for families with young children, confirmed by the Budget Law 2022, to help parents pay the tuition for attending public or private nurseries. Info on the INPS website
  • social card or shopping card: the SIA has been extended to the whole territory and the village. Info on the INPS website
  • culture bonus of 500 euros for all kids who turn 18: to spend in theater, courses and much more. For information connect to the dedicated site;
  • state maternity allowance: if all working women have the right to take advantage of paid maternity leave at 80% of their salary, for atypical or discontinued workers the INPS pays a variable amount of maternity allowance. To be updated, here is the dedicated page of the INPS site.
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