How to be respected by your children

How to get respect from your children

Each parent is a role model for their children. With his example he shows how to behave and how to perform many small daily actions. The parent teaches to speak, to eat, to walk and this contributes in the first phase of growth to the establishment of a very strong bond with the child.

The kisses, the hugs, the effort to separate from the mother are some of the many signs that show what it is like the support he receives from his parents is important for the child. When the age of rules begins, the need to have appears in their relationship of the first clashes between parents and children respect for the adult. It starts from the need to obtain respect for the rules that are established in the home and comes with the raising of children to require respect for one's parent figure.

When a child is disrespectful

  • Children who do not listen to their parents, who lie, who hide an action carried out by disobeying the rules, but also the request for a purchase that the family cannot afford are episodes of disrespect.
  • Leave dirty clothes in the room waiting for someone else to tidy up for the umpteenth a lot of disrespect.
  • Don't accept that parents are too tired after work to indulge the last whim of the day is a lack of respect.
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There could be many examples of a child's attitude showing no respect for their parents. Respect, however, must not appear in speeches at home only when it is lacking. Respect must be taught and in this perspective there are at least 3 actions that a parent can constantly perform.

  1. Talking about oneself and one's efforts. Nobody wants the compassion of children, but explaining the effort it takes to bring home a salary or to take care of the housework is the first step in explaining to our children what we do for them, what deserves respect. We can tell our day, without exaggerating our efforts, and talk more often about family stories: for example how we found the house, the sleepless nights when we were little, the tricks we invented to make up for the time to iron while they slept.
  2. Offer your life experience as a comfort. When children begin to face the first difficulties we can tell how we have overcome them at their age. Comforting your personal experience helps children understand that no matter how difficult what they are experiencing has already happened to others and they can take a cue from those stories to find their own way. 

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  • Wait for our advice to be requested. The highest example of the person to whom respect is given is the one who is asked as a "wise man" to ask for advice. To get to assume this role in the life of our children we can try to be patient, to respect their opinions by helping them to find a way for themselves, reflecting on the consequences of each hypothesis. Our direct advice must arrive only if requested, otherwise we should limit ourselves to helping the students' reflection.
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    As he wrote Goethe:

    The most pleasant companies are those in which a serene mutual respect reigns among the members

    Let's not forget to give respect for it in return.

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