How to celebrate Valentine's Day as a family, as a couple or with children

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How to celebrate Valentine's Day as a family

Celebrate Valentine's Day in pairs. Easy to say if you don't have children, but for parents it gets complicated and you have to decide what to do and organize if necessary. The first thing to decide is: celebrate with the children or not? Second question to answer: where to go?

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Valentine's Day before and after the children Video

L'Valentine's day idea and romance associated with it can change after having children. Mammansia shows us all the differences related to this recurrence between the before and after becoming parents.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day with children

Involving children inorganization of the Valentine's Day party it can be fun, it can be useful to unite the family even more and to make the little ones discover the meaning of the party of lovers. After all, what is a family if not the place where love is celebrated every day?


Valentine's day recipes

Lots of ideas to prepare a tasty and romantic menu for Valentine's Day

Here are some ideas:

  • if you decide to live this day all together you can celebrate Valentine's Day with children in one of the many restaurants of your city. Many in this pandemic period will organize lunches and not dinners, with special menus for both adults and children.
  • You can decide to organize a somewhat special home dinner.
  • Involve the little ones in the making a special dinner and jobs made with their hands especially for the occasion. Children can help you by making drawings and small jobs, go shopping together, collaborate in the preparation of a dessert. In the evening they can set the table in a romantic way and then after dinner you can all sit in the Latvian to see a romantic movie.

Where to go with the children?

Unfortunately this year we cannot organize a weekend away or a short trip with the children. But nothing prevents you from planning a holiday to do as soon as possible, to discover the beauties of our country. For example, did you know that Terni is the city of Valentine's Day, patron of the city? It is in Terni, in the Basilica of San Valentino, that the remains of the saint are exhibited. We can visit the wonderful ones Cascate delle marmore, which will enchant our little ones.

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Valentine's Day as a couple

Too dull? Too "familiar" to spend Valentine's Day with children? Then you are inclined to experience the most romantic day of the year in a more traditional way. In pairs. Children should not be excluded completely because they may feel isolated and live badly.

If the children are older you can explain to them that the Valentine's Day is a party that must be celebrated with your own in love and that for one evening mom and dad will go and stay home alone. You could obviate the displeasure of the children by offering them to do something he likes: for example, going to sleep at the grandparents' house.

Or you could promise them that they will stay at home for tonight, but next time we do something special together. If you decide to spend the evening at home then it is best to make sure that the children arrive in the evening quite tired and eager to go to sleep early. This way you can dedicate yourself to your romantic evening.

Another idea is that of involve children, especially if they are older, in arranging one surprise for mum or dad (for example an elegant dinner and housewife): let them know our intentions and ask the children to color and personalize a delicious ticket in which we will write a poem or a catchphrase (for example "Tomorrow night choose your most beautiful dress and get ready for a special evening!").

How to experience Valentine's Day as a couple?

  • Plan ahead: Talk to the children about your intentions and what will happen for this evening. The parents will go out and the children will stay with their grandparents or with the nanny. Make this a special occasion for them too, maybe think about organizing a special dinner just for them, or promise them that they will be able to order pizzas at home or tasty sandwiches and chips. Give them permission to stay up an extra hour;
  • Book a lunch in a nice restaurant with a certain advance, so you will optimize the times.

Give children gifts to show our love

One of the funniest and most meaningful ways to experience the party of lovers as a family, when you have children, is to choose a gift that has a precise value, through which to declare to our children how much we love them. Some idea?

  • a book with his name: imaginative and super colorful stories where the protagonist has the name of your child;
  • a book about love;
  • a cover to keep forever: handmade, with heart motifs and pastel colors, the small and soft cover has always been one of the most common family symbols of love and maternal tenderness. To be handed down from generation to generation.
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