How to clean the house in no time: tips and tricks

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How to clean the house in no time

Between work, school, sporting commitments and a thousand other activities to plan during the week, the time to do cleaning risks being relegated to the only day we have free and that we can dedicate to having fun and relaxing: the Sunday. But actually if we learn how to clean the house in no time we could devote a few minutes to housework every day and always have a clean house.

Where to start cleaning the house

We have decided that the time has come to clean the house, how do we start and which area is best to start from? The ideal is to follow this sequence:

  1. balconies or terraces;
  2. bedrooms;
  3. living room, lounge;
  4. kitchen;
  5. bathroom.

I balconies they are a receptacle for dust and dirt that we inevitably transfer from the outside to the inside, so they are the first thing to clean, then we can dedicate ourselves to bedrooms and when we are done we can close the door to leave them a little isolated from the rest of the house which is still dirty. In sequence we will move on to the living room and dining room, to the kitchen and finally to the bathroom that in this way it will be clean and sanitized.

How to proceed with house cleaning in every single room? We advise you to:

  • free all the beds of the sheets and let the mattresses take air while keeping the windows open;
  • dust on furniture, furnishings, shelves and bookcases;
  • make the beds with clean sheets;
  • clean glass and windows;
  • vacuum the floor;
  • wash the floor.

How to get organized to clean the house

First of all, we think of cleanliness and order as a daily commitment: if we leave the house abandoned to itself for the whole week it is inevitable that the weekend will be dedicated exclusively to tidying up and chores. Instead, a few minutes each day are enough to keep a minimum of cleanliness and order. For example the activities to do every day I'm:

  • do the laundry and arrange clean clothes in the closets;
  • wash the dishes and leave the kitchen clean (not necessarily shiny) every night;
  • making the beds every day;
  • pass a sanitizing spray detergent on the toilet in the bathroom every day;
  • wipe the floor with an electrostatic cloth to remove dust and hair.

So when the time comes when we can dedicate more time to cleaning the house, we can do more important chores, such as dusting, washing the windows and the floor.

A look, then, at the products that we can use to clean the house. When we enter a housewares shop or supermarket we are fascinated by a myriad of detergents and sanitizing products of every color and fragrance, but in reality two / three products are enough to keep the house clean, in particular:

  • a floor cleaner with your favorite scent that does not need to be rinsed;
  • a sanitizer spray for the bathroom and kitchen, which is anti-limescale and antibacterial and does not need to be rinsed;
  • a product for cleaning windows.

How to do a thorough house cleaning

Of course, there are times when you have to clean the house more thoroughly. These are the classic monthly cleaning or those at the end of the season. The advice is to stagger them by dividing the cleaning by rooms or environments: one a week and generally within a month we can say that we have cleaned thoroughly even in the most hidden corners.

How to do?

  • Move furniture and sofas to dust well even on skirting boards;
  • empty the library and dust off the books, shelves and furnishings and take the opportunity to archive the books in the way you prefer and to throw away some objects that are useless or have been preserved for too long;
  • raise i mattresses and clean the bed bases by dusting well in the corners of the slats;
  • empty i kitchen furniture to carry out a serious decluttering operation, giving away objects that have not been used for years and making space and order, so as to be able to clean the shelves and shelves with a damp cloth;
  • clean the refrigerator at least once every two weeks;
  • empty the dispensation checking the expiration date on food labels and cleaning all shelves;
  • in bathroom don't just clean the toilets and the floor but wipe the tiles on the walls and shower with a damp cloth and detergent.
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How to clean a very dirty thing

If we haven't cleaned up for a long time, perhaps because we went on vacation or were busy with work, don't delayalizziamoci and we start with a spirit of enterprise to clean everything and remove the clutter: starting from the outdoor spaces and then moving on to the bedrooms, the living area and the bathroom. In these cases it is not advisable to deepen the cleaning in every room, but to dust carefully, sweep and wash the floor and use an anti-limescale detergent in the bathroom.

How to clean quickly with the "Ninja Cleaning Manual"

To the rescue of mothers and women who do not have much time to devote themselves to household chores or who suddenly find friends at home and are anxious because they have to tidy up and make the house welcoming in a few minutes, the Canadian runs to the rescue. Courtnay Hartford, who has just published a real manual for Sperling & Kupfer entitled "Ninja Cleaning Manual".

Un funny and brilliant book that teaches time-saving techniques and tricks to tackle the most boring and unpleasant tasks, but also to manage every room in the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen, to dispose of a mountain of dirty clothes and make the most of the appliances you own.

In addition, the author offers us some tips for making list very useful endings to plan the daily and monthly cleaning and to always have a tidy and welcoming home and lists us last minute remedies to make the house clean and presentable in just eight minutes online.

Ninja cleaning manual at Courtnay Hartford (Sperling & Kupfer)

  • Release: May 2022
  • pp. 208 - € 14,90
  • ebook version available

It can be purchased on the Mondadori Store

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