How to cope with the heat when pregnant

How to cope with the heat during pregnancy

Terrible heat, unbearable heat for everyone but you who are pregnant feel it even more and you seem to feel hot and tired even when others are fine. What does it depend on and how to cope with the heat during pregnancy?
If you feel very hot, sluggish and always sweaty you can thank, as well as this hot summer, also your dear hormones, which as always make the situation worse!

The hormones of pregnancy in fact increase blood flow to the skin and give that constant feeling of moistness. Obviously, with a particularly hot climate (but it could also happen in winter if you live in environments where the heating is too high), your condition worsens, luckily there are various ways to feel better and above all cooler.
comes to your aid, future summer mothers, with many steps to get some relief and feel better. Let's see them together

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How to fight the heat in pregnancy. Tips and tricks

  • Go for a swim: it will help take the pressure off the sciatic nerve and allow you to feel almost "weightless"
  • Use handkerchiefs or wet wipes and bring them close to the neck or place them on the forehead. Doing so will lower your body temperature. Take a lukewarm bath or shower to cool off 
  • Wear clothing that is comfortable for breathing of the skin, favoring light colors and natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen. Dress in layers to be able to remove or add depending on how you feel
  • Drink liquids: we know we should drink about eight glasses of water a day. Sipping fruit juices, milk and drinks rich in mineral salts helps replace liquids that are eliminated by sweat
  • Leg massages: in pregnancy they help reduce swelling
  • Remove the rings: the fingers are the first part to swell and wearing them doesn't help at all. At the first sign of swelling, immediately remove the rings: in this way you will not have to cut them ...
  • Lower the amount of sodium ingested. It may seem obvious, but reducing your salt intake can help prevent swelling. However, remember not to eliminate it completely, especially if it contains iodine, which is essential for the growth and development of the child
  • Wear only appropriate shoes: try to wear only comfortable shoes, possibly half a size or more, larger than yours. In this way they will represent a valid support for your back and for the belly
  • Use a high SPF speaking of solar. For example, if you usually use a protective factor SPF15, during pregnancy it is advisable to use a higher one. Protecting the skin from sunlight will reduce the production of melanin
  • If you don't have an air conditioner, go to the theater, cinema and shopping malls. In both contexts you will find fresh air and you will also have the opportunity to do some shopping for the little one
  • Avoid exercising outdoors on hot days: walks in the morning before breakfast or after dinner or in the gym (but there must be air conditioning). Stop immediately as soon as you feel too hot
  • Become the thermostat of yourself by adjusting the temperature level in the house to your needs and letting your partner make do in these months if he is cold or hot :-)
  • Il talcum powder prevents rashes and will help you absorb moisture from the body
  • You will sweat more, but your sweat will smell less unpleasant than usual because the production of apocrine sweat (the malodorous one produced by the glands located in the armpits, on the breasts and in the genital area) is reduced when pregnant. And anyway, we recommend an excellent anti-sweat guide
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