How to dress after childbirth? A mother's advice

How to dress after childbirth

After childbirth the desire that prevails a little among all new mothers is to try wearing your own pre-pregnancy clothes right away. In reality, it is difficult for you to get back into your old jeans immediately. The shape of the pelvis has changed, the belly is still prominent, and a few pounds of pregnancy will struggle to go away.

It is useless, therefore, to flagellate oneself at the thought of not being able to wear the old clothes, nor is it useful to buy many new items of one size more because maybe in a few months you will be in better shape.

The ideal is to make some smart purchases and bet on a few passepartout items that you can use at will to feel more feminine and at ease. We choose models that enhance our new silhouette, flattering its curves and sensuality, without disguising and embarrassing. If we feel more beautiful we will gain lightness in a phase of life where there is no lack of mood swings and small moments of panic. Not to mention that, once we get back leaner, we can easily readjust the clothes by taking them to the tailor's shop.

Here are some helpful tips for post partum clothing

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  • Practicality

The first rule concerns the practicality.: you will be very busy and maybe you will feel a little tired at first so high heels, tight dresses, super low-cut sweaters are not really very practical. If you take the baby in your arms the too low-cut T-shirt will reveal a little too much (and maybe show a questionable nursing bra), if you have to walk pushing the pram or cradle the baby, high heels will bring you a lot of back pain. the evening.


7 things new mothers should know

Here is a short list of things moms with first babies should know

There are so many items of clothing that are practical but feminine at the same time.

Let's see ifi.

  • Jeans

It is difficult to wear old jeans so it is a good idea to buy a pair of jeans one size up, perhaps in stretch fabric, which can be a comfortable and fashionable garment for these first months after childbirth.

  • leggings

Leggings are the perfect garment for this occasion. Choose a model one size larger than your usual size and maybe buy more than a pair, in various colors.

  • Tunic sweaters

The tunics match the leggings and are embellished with a nice belt in the same color. They are perfect because they cover the hips and belly, but maybe they can uncover the shoulder a little and a nice top underneath if they have a boat neckline.

  • The "crossover"

A sensual neckline to accompany the beautiful décolleté that you find yourself after pregnancy, perfect and very comfortable for breastfeeding, and perhaps comfortable because on the abdomen they are a little wider and cover the belly and hips

  • Eye to color

Black looks good on everyone, streamlines and covers critical points. Sure, you might feel a little sad wearing black, especially if it's summer. It can therefore be broken up with the combination of colors: black sweater over jeans, black leggings with a more colorful tunic. Or a total black embellished with a colored belt.

  • A few maternity dresses

Put all the pants with the elastic waistband, the huge sweaters that gently accompanied the baby bump and the baggy clothes in a box. While you can leave some t-shirts or leggings that you bought in the first three months of pregnancy in the wardrobe.

  • The accessories

Accessories are also important and can sometimes make a difference and add a little personality or enhance our style. To prefer everything that is lively or sparkling and captures the attention exactly in the points we wanted; it can be a necklace, a pair of earrings, or, in make-up, even a lipstick or eye shadow.

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