How to dress newborns in the summer: some useful tips

Before thewave di heat Judas, now Charon and in the next ones months… maybe! The temperature increase and we moms we ask ourselves: but ours puppies as hot do they hear? How can we understand it? And - above all - how to dress i Infants in summer? Considered that the most children they can not to express what they feel, they are not questions of little consequence. Let's try to give us some response and to understand which ones Abit prefer.

Let's start with a date di doneI Infants suffer more the hot of cold. Still, considering they often have little hands e cold feet might suggest the contrary. In fact, that's more of the reflection of a circulation sanguine not yet perfect: blood arrives at end more slow.

How notice if a little one hears a lot hot? The most obvious is the sweat. Check out especially the back and nut: spending most of the time lying down, for an neonate could have the part back of the body hot and / or welded. Also, a child who hears hot it might have some red spots on face and become restless, whine and also stay in braccio it's not great comfort.

So here we come to node fundamental: how to dress i Infants in summer?

Let's start by getting a element: it's not because I'm like that small ranging covered just for protect them. With the hot, we only risk get worse la situation, then the rule key is to use quite a lot of common sense: if you hear hot you, your child feels the same feeling. Not cover it too much thinking that, conversely, it could take a cold.

As for thewinter, the technique of strati always goes good, but obviously they have to be more light of those of the season cold. So choose clothes simple from remove e put, like le rompers, better if two pieces.

We come to "Fabrics. Exclusively dressed in fibers natural: cotton, linen, set to the utmost. I'm breathable, they leave the dry skin and avoid obnoxious irritations, for example on the inside of the thighs or under arms. Prefer fabrics light: if your little one is born to August or at the beginning of September, useless to prepare in the bag for the 'hospital rompers of chenille!

Chapter body. Some say that in the to dress i Infants in summer we must not forget it, others who claim it is one torture absolute. In this case, too, let us rely on common sense. The cotton on skin It allows absorb the eventual sweat of your baby, so it is always better to put something. Maybe the body it's a bit too much "constricting“, Considering that it is closed everywhere. Then prefer one tanktop with sleeves court or own sleeveless.

Better T-shirts and shorts long or shorts? If it does a lot hot nothing forbids clothing corto. If you go out for one walk, keep in mind though of protect the little one with the sunscreen on the parts discoveries. And nothing shoes! Do not serve to nothing! At most use gods socks di cotton very thin, in case you go to places with theconditioned air. If you stay in casa you can also hold your feet naked.

Only with the diaper, as in photo that we have chosen for this post? Se the temperature I'm very hot temptation could be to leave the neonate practically nudo, only with the diaper (by the way: look for those with less "upholstered". You may have to change more, but they are more light in summer. Those are an idea too washable). Do a lot caution: the currents byair or sudden changes di temperature they can be pericolosi already for the adults, think a little for the very small. Keep it on him tanktop and make sure to change it often, so as not to stagnate the sweat, thing harmful.

for walks the suggestion of the strati. Also have one on hand cover di cotton: if you enter a shop or in one center commercial with theconditioned air "On the ball" or if it starts a freshen up too remember cover up il child. Never forget the bonnet. This too must be of natural fibers.

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