How to dress while pregnant… without looking fat!

I am pregnant how do i dress?

Even if we have not put on too much weight in relation to our condition, looking at ourselves in the mirror our figure appears stocky, clumsy and decidedly plump. How are stars going to simply look pregnant and never fat? It is not necessary to redo the wardrobe in the maternity ward: it is true that these are often the garments that give the most when pregnant, but this is not always the case. So here's what we answer the question i'm pregnant how i dress?


Office maternity look | PHOTO

Office maternity look | Style advice on how to dress in the office if you are pregnant

How to dress in summer and winter pregnancy

The basic idea for a pregnant woman's wardrobe is "non-seasonality". In this way we will always be able to dress well even if our budget is (rightly) limited. The base must therefore be summer; in this way, by adding layers, the looks will adapt to any season, regardless of the PLR.

Let us remember that the patterns, if well chosen, help to hide the defects and emphasize the merits; the same thing can be said of ruches, draperies, seams and plays of fabrics in the belly area.

First trimester pregnancy clothing

The belly is usually still too small to think you look pregnant. Not to mention that we often don't even want people to notice too soon. Among the most suitable outift: wrap dresses or A-line dresses when we want to be elegant; long or tunic shirts, empire-style tops and dresses, soft blousons and trousers with elasticated waist.

Clothing in pregnancy in the second trimester

Now you can invest in a good pair of trendy jeans with a waistband, a versatile and practical garment that will accompany us throughout the pregnancy ... and often even after. The jeans with matching a graphic top or a simple black maternity shirt it is a simple outfit but one that will make us feel at ease and at ease. Alternatively, a pair of leggings (or maternity or low waisted enough to go under the belly), long shirts but always tight enough to avoid the "circus tent" effect. Of the previous period we can "recycle" empire-style clothes, that are perfect for this moment; if, on the other hand, we still have to buy them, it is better to choose them in neutral colors in order to adapt them to the most diverse looks.

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Rules for dressing in pregnancy

If we have some budget, we can focus on:

  • jeans with above band,
  • a top in neutral color,
  • a black or very versatile skirt,
  • if we have any special events planned, a knee-length sheath dress that defines our silhouette by highlighting the legs and arms.

And which items to buy in the generic department (or to recycle in our current wardrobe)?

  • A nice maxi cardigan
  • tops and / or long sweaters
  • a normal and loose dress that can be adapted thanks to a belt
  • leggings
  • all accessories

In this regard, the mother's accessory par excellence in the first trimester is the maxi scarf, strategic to disguise a belly if we still don't want others to notice it. From the second quarter onwards, however, the cult accessory is the oversized bag, which optically creates a more balanced look. Let's just remember not to overfill it: pregnant women shouldn't carry too much weight

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