How to educate children to respect the environment?

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Educating children to respect the environment

We are living in an era that is taking seriously the environmental issue just now. Polluted seas, rivers covered with foams, unbreathable air and full of particles harmful to health. It is not only us human beings that do the math in this open-air bin, but also all the animal species that populate the seas and the mainland. How can we teach our children respect for the environment It's the nature? We can do a lot and the school is a real ally in this task.

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Activities for children about respecting the environment

However, themed activities to safeguard our planet are fine, but let's not forget what can be done in the four walls of the house. In fact, parents are entitled to all kinds of primary education, let's say, and educating children, from an early age, to respect nature is one of these values. Avoiding waste, whatever it is, energy or food, is certainly one way to help the Earth. Municipalities invest a lot in separate waste collection, but then someone at home tries to be smart or turn a blind eye by saying "okay for a bottle you want it to be!" and is thrown where it shouldn't be.

A few simple tips to make helping nature be child's play for children.

  • Teach your children why it is important to separate litter, don't just say "Throw it in the paper!"
  • Prepare some nice recycling bins, you could stick eyes with a big mouth and thus give the idea that they are "animated"
  • Water is a precious commodity, tell them that it is needed by all people, including their friends and that we cannot waste it when we brush our teeth or in the bathroom, same thing goes for electric light
  • Take time out from time to time to explore the nature around the area where you live, you will discover places you did not know existed
  • Organize themed trips, perhaps involving other parents, for example a weekend at the sea to clean up the beaches
  • Ask the Municipality of residence which projects have been implemented to protect the environment and how the children can make their contribution.
  • Respect nature… by reading! Go to the library and organize a sort of treasure hunt for the most eco-sustainable book, or choose together with your children some books in which the topic is addressed. They will discover, I am sure, a new world that will fascinate them.
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