How to make a birth basket?

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What to put in the birth basket

If your friend or sister is about to have a baby, it may be a nice and certainly welcome idea to give her a basket with useful items. Often, in view of the birth, a Baby Shower is organized, a real themed party, on the occasion of which the guests give beautiful and nice things, but also useful, to the future mother. Generally you opt for a diaper cake, or for original gifts, but you can also surprise by presenting yourself with a birth basket. But what to put in the birth basket?


Handmade layette | PHOTO

Handmade layette | Some ideas for the do-it-yourself layette: shoes, caps, etc.

Here are some ideas.

First of all, if you already know the sex of the child, it is good to make it pink or blue, and also use these shades for the objects you will put inside.

The basket can come in various sizes, just set your budget and purchase a small or large wicker basket that can be decorated with ribbons.

Products to put in the birth basket

Small and very useful objects will certainly find space in the basket, but also some curiosities and significant objects, such as the bow for the birth to take to the hospital:

  • a carillion (if you opt for those that can hang you could also use the cord to close the handles of the basket)
  • a nice dress for the newborn
  • underwear leotards
  • a fluffy little book
  • a set of embroidered sheet for the cradle and pram
  • a book for the new mother, which she can draw on when she needs some advice, or a book of themed poems
  • a set of romantic bibs
  • towels and washcloths (even better a small bathrobe for the baby)

If you are good at embroidering you could create everything by hand and make a truly unique basket inside which you will put socks, bibs, washcloths, sheets and more, all hand embroidered and personalized. In this handmade basket you could also put the "lucky shirt", a small white linen or cotton shirt where you can embroider the baby's name and which will be worn immediately after birth (in some regions it is said to bring good luck).

Alternatively, instead of a generic birth basket, you could make a themed one. For example, a themed one bath inside which you will put:

  • gentle cleansers for the first months bath
  • diaper changing creams with zinc oxide
  • towels and bathrobe
  • a baby comb
  • the scissors to cut the nails
  • a digital thermometer
  • a natural sponge
  • colorful and fun toys for the bath

Know that such a basket will be very welcome because these products are expensive, but they are essential above all they are used frequently so having more is always very useful.

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You can also make a "walk" themed basket where could you put:

  • a toy to attach to the stroller
  • the mosquito net for the stroller
  • a small thermos to keep milk or baby food warm
  • travel bottle warmer
  • tactile books to entertain the child
  • walking cover.
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