How to make money from home: jobs for mothers

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Chores from home for moms

For many moms, it is difficult to find one after giving birth work and in times of crisis it is not easy to make ends meet with just one salary. Many women are therefore forced to stay at home, and try to extricate themselves from the many expenses.

For others new mothers on the other hand, it is difficult to go back to work because they cannot afford a babysitter or there is no one in the family willing to help them and be with the child. However, some would like to use some of their free time in some profitable business. So we want to give you some useful and practical suggestions to look for gods chores from home for moms that allow you to earn and also to unplug from the usual routine made up of baby food and washing machines.

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Jobs for stay-at-home moms

Here are some tips on how to make money with part time jobs to be done in your free time directly from home:

  • If you don't want another child you could sell baby carriage, stroller and everything that you are sure not to use anymore.
  • You are very good at sewing or in another creative or manual activity? Why not make the most of your qualities and your talent?
  • If you love children in your family animals you could please your little ones and at the same time earn something with a new job that seems to be increasingly sought after: the figure of dog o cat sitter.

You work on the web for mothers

The Web has certainly revolutionized the world of work by opening up to new professionals and new skills for working mothers, but it also risks being a "no man's land" where it is difficult to assert one's rights and find opportunities for real gain. It may seem easy to find collaborations or small jobs on the Internet but often they are badly paid and in the end you get the feeling that you have worked hard, have met deadlines and requests and end up with a really meager income.

The first thing to do, therefore, before undertaking any work on the Internet is to ask yourself:

  • what can i do? What are the skills that I can make available and make use of?
  • How many hours of work will this job that is offered to me take me?
  • Is it well paid?

You are not expected to get rich, but you are not expected to waste a lot of time for a few pennies. In short, it must be worth it.

Working on the web take a lot self-discipline otherwise there is the risk of always being connected (between smartphones, tablets and computers). Establish a time of day when you dedicate yourself to work and focus on what you have to do on the computer. Only when you have turned off and disconnected will you then dedicate yourself to yourself or to the house.

  • There are some sites on the net that perform a useful service both for those looking for professionals in different fields and freelancers. Twago, for example, is very useful because you just need to create a profile listing what your skills are and they will come to you on a regular basis. job offers by companies or entrepreneurs who are looking for their own freelance for small and large projects.
  • NetworkMamas also connects companies and freelance mothers by offering interesting opportunities in teleworking. It is a sort of collective showcase site in which to find lawyers, graphic designers, translators, condominium administrators, travel agents, SEO experts, accountants and other freelance mothers.
  • And yet: open a blog now it is no longer a novelty among mothers. Have you ever thought that, if your site is very popular and well indexed, you could earn some money by placing advertising banners?
  • But for those who do not want to devote themselves to a real job there are also other possibilities of working on the Web, for example with companies that deal with market research as an Opinion City: after registering you will be invited to participate in surveys or product tests in exchange you will receive bonuses such as petrol vouchers or telephone top-ups.
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You work for new mothers

Working from home when you have become a mother is possible because the baby sleeps for many hours during the day and keeping busy with small jobs allows us to feel more fulfilled and independent and earn something. What can be done?

  • Call center from home: many companies are looking for telesellers and to do this job all you need is a telephone and an internet connection;
  • Columnist: if you like to write you can offer your articles on sites, such as Quality Content, which search for content at the request of companies;
  • if you are good with handmade creations you can open your own e-shop on Etsy;
  • if you like dabbling in kitchen o preparing cakes it's time to set up a small catering or cake sales service for parties and events.

I work for part time mothers

The mother worker can request the transformation of the contract from full-time to part-time. The employer cannot oppose the request, but is required to carry out the transformation of the contract within 15 days of receiving the request. The transformation from full time to part time remains linked to the maximum duration of parental leave. In practice, the new mother has the opportunity to build a tailor-made part time during the period of return from maternity by spreading parental leave horizontally on her working hours.

Ideal job for a mom

But is there the ideal job for a mother? It's a million dollar question that I would have to answer is the ideal job it is what makes you feel fulfilled as a woman and as a person. If we love our job, if it is first of all a passion and if staying even eight hours in the office makes us go home satisfied and gratified, ready to give our children the image of a complete and happy woman, then we shouldn't give up.

Certainly for many women, motherhood represents a turning point in their professional life as well: being away from children most of the day can be lived badly and cause discomfort and guilt and it is these feelings that also push the so-called career women to review priorities and try to change jobs or schedules.

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