How to make your home more welcoming and live better with your family

How to make your home more welcoming and live better with your family
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What are the delivery times? benefits of living in a cozy home especially when you are a family? Between periods of domestic stay that are getting longer and longer due to the spread of Covid-19 and the generalized lockdowns imposed by the second wave, the need to play games at home, to experience spaces in a different and more intense way pressing, almost a vital necessity. And just like the instinct of the nursery in pregnancy, that tendency that pushes us to tidy up, reorganize and optimize the house for the arrival of a baby, also the nesting (literally "nesting") in a pandemic can have positive implications and beneficial effects not only on children but also on the parents who live with them.

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What is nesting and what are the benefits of living in a welcoming home

"Nesting" in psychology is a term used mainly in pregnancy, as reported by the research "Evidence of a nesting psychology during human pregnancy" published in Science Direct. But it applies to all those situations in which the human being creates conditions of well-being, surrounds himself with things that make him feel good to make an environment, both domestic and working, welcoming. Among the most used American terms to talk about this tendency to turn homes into warm places is "cozy": research cozy home on the Internet it brings back to environments where lighted candles, blankets, a fire crackling in the fireplace are the masters.

Why is living in a cozy home good for you?

  • it gives space to individual freedom
  • gives the feeling of living in accessible spaces
  • satisfies the need to live in orderly spaces
  • satisfies the need to take control and "organize"

Especially in stressful situations, being surrounded by beautiful things and soft colors helps to maintain balance. Not only of the parents, but also of the child or children who live with them. The nest it therefore becomes a place where the psycho-physical well-being of a person can be preserved, where you can feel yourself and be able to do what you want in complete freedom, without prejudice or stereotypes. In addition, psychologists confirm that a house in order or that in any case reflects the tastes of the people who live in it favors a personal balance.

Also according to the research on nesting in pregnancy which also applies well to other phases of life, anthropologically we are led to prepare and furnish our nest to have everything in view, so as not to lose pieces. And this, if it does not translate into too much control over the lives of children, can help and be consoling. Furnishing a home to the best of its ability and that of the family is not only an aesthetic but also a psychological way to make things easier. 

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According to the author of the book "Success Equations: A Path to Living an Emotionally Wealthy Life" Sherrie Campbell, also re-furnish that is, putting home spaces in order in periods of transition such as those linked to Covid-19 helps to put in order not only at home, but also in life. And it is for this reason that after a bereavement or during a difficult period we tend to recreate and review the structure we live in even if it had worked up until that moment. Redecorating a house, changing the place of furniture or buying new decorative objects, even changing the style of home decor in this perspective makes sense to find a new energy and a new mental order.

Even to clean, from this point of view, it can come to the aid of those families who find themselves stuck at home perhaps on leave for quarantined children. A 2022 research published in Science Daily called "Effects of Anxiety on Spontaneous Ritualized Behavior" explores the correlations between cleansing and lowering of stress levels. Carrying out repetitive and ritualized gestures in everyday life helps the human being to concentrate in the here and now, especially in complicated periods such as those of the pandemic. And it can have significant effects on the management of anxiety, not only on personal aspects but also as a result of behavior with children.

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