How to organize a baby shower for the arrival of a baby

Baby Shower for the arrival of a boy

Il Baby Shower is the party that is organized before the birth of the child with friends, but above all with the mother's friends. It is a tradition that comes from the United States and is also gaining ground in the country. The Baby Shower becomes an opportunity to wish the mother-to-be, to bring gifts to the unborn child and sometimes even to reveal the fateful secret: is it a boy or a girl?

If you plan to use the occasion of a Baby Shower to announce the arrival of a baby boy and the name you have chosen for him, here are some ideas to make the guests guess, browsing through the decorations and sweets on the table.

Decorations for a boy's baby shower

In decoration shops it is easy to find festoons and balloons with the words 'It's a boy!'. You can hang them directly on the front door, or above the refreshment table. It is certainly the most direct way to announce the arrival of a boy, but if you want to create a bit of suspense, let the guests look for the fateful blue ribbon among the decorations. You could use blue ribbon to decorate the flowerpot, choose blue as the color of the flowers, or use various shades of blue for the accessories on the table, such as napkins or glasses.

Sweets for a boy

The art of pastry is increasingly specializing in the elaboration of sweets with very refined decorations. Cup cakes are a dessert that lends itself to many variations and are ideal for communicating the arrival of a boy: we can decorate them with blue bubbles, with nice ties or with reproductions of animals with a blue pacifier.

Cake for a boy

The cutting of the cake is an important moment in any party. We might think we keep the baby's sex secret and reveal it just by cutting a nice cake covered in white icing to reveal the blue interior. If you like sugar paste you can indulge yourself with multi-level cakes decorated with colored flags, animals or reproductions of toys that represent the world of children.

Gift for a Baby Shower

The birth of a baby is an event for which you are looking for useful gifts to give to the expectant mother. All the rage and with great success are the diaper cakes: a cake-shaped arrangement made with ready-to-use diapers.

A special memory of the Baby Shower

This party is the first welcome to the baby by the family and friends of the parents. It is an important moment that we would certainly like to keep a memory of. If you are looking for an original idea in addition to the photo shoot with the baby bump, you can set up a space where all the guests leave their signature on what will become a souvenir painting. They could sign blue and blue discs to glue like balloons, or leave their fingerprints like leaves on a large tree, write a dedication on cards or stones prepared for the occasion.

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