How to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy or soon after giving birth

How to prevent stretch marks

Stretch marks are among the most bitter enemies of women, whether pregnant or not. They appear due to genetic predisposition, hormonal factors and lifestyle, incorrect diet, sudden changes in weight, sleep, use of alcohol and tobacco, too stressful rhythms, excessive sedentary lifestyle, little skin elasticity.

Whatever the underlying cause of the you hate stretch marks so much, once you get on the legs, hips, buttocks, abdomen, breasts, sending them away is a really difficult (if not impossible) task. For this it is it is essential to prevent them, pregnant or otherwise.

What are stretch marks

Le stretch marks they are nothing more than long, narrow streaks that appear on the skin. We talk about skin blemish, that is, of imperfections that ruin the natural and healthy appearance of the epidermis and which, precisely for this reason, we do not like. They occur especially when the skin is excessively stretched and affect, in particular, abdomen, hips, thighs, breasts, arms. They are mostly common among women, but they also affect men, especially those who have significant weight changes during their growth. 

How to prevent stretch marks in pregnancy

Pregnancy can become a trigger due to hormonal changes associated with weight gain, but that's not the rule. Many women find themselves to contend with stretch marks after childbirth. Why?

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In pregnancy, the belly skin, but also that of the breast, dilate enormously, for this reason, from the first months, it is necessary to take care of the epidermis (in those areas, but also on the hips, buttocks and lumbar area) by applying a moisturizing cream or - better still - a oil of almonds, rosehip or wheat germ. 

Stretch marks in pregnancy usually always show up in the second half of gestation, that is after the fourth month, even if the bases for their appearance are in the alimentary and hygienic behavior of the first months. Women fair-skinned are more predisposed and also the familiarity affects: you are more likely to have them if your mother or sisters already have them.

In such a delicate phase of a woman's life, a specific product is not necessarily needed anti-stretch marks which could be too aggressive, just moisturize and nourish the areas indicated above with a natural product to find the desired benefits. 

If, however, despite the precautions, stretch marks should occur, do not panic: after childbirth, precisely because the skin was treated during pregnancy, their extension decreases a lot. Even the rosy or violet complexion gradually becomes lighter and more pearly, and on the skin there are usually whitish linear areas that are not very evident.

The red stretch marks

Le stretch marks they appear on the skin in a red color and in this phase you can still try to intervene with creams, oils, products recommended to remove them. Red characterizes the 'young' stretch marks those just appeared on the body.

White stretch marks

When stretch marks heal, those change and become one pearly white. At this point it is impossible to remove them, but you can try to hide them, to make them less visible to the eyes. How? With oils and creams rich in Vitamin E, with calendula or chamomile oil, with natural and non-natural products and treatments. To the touch you will always feel a hollow (more or less large), but at the sight, constant hydration and nutrition will make the difference.

Stretch mark cream

We have already given you some advice before, but here it is a list of effective and non-aggressive creams and oils for stretch marks (also perfect during pregnancy):

  • almond oil
  • calendula oil
  • chamomile oil
  • vitamin E cream
  • crema all'echinacea
  • horsetail cream
  • sea ​​buckthorn
  • shea butter
  • crema all'ippocastano

How to get rid of stretch marks

Nowadays there are still no resolutive remedies, unless you resort to cosmetic surgery, obviously trying to intervene when the stretch mark is still red. In this case, stretch marks can be eliminated through herbal remedies or cell metabolism activators. Another technique is the high intensity pulsed light, or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which acts thanks to the emission of light energy on the affected area.

When the sign is now healed, it cannot be eliminated, but you can try to make it less visible and unpleasant by trying to mitigate its color, making it more similar to that of the surrounding skin and trying to reduce the depression through smoothing and leveling processes, like the peeling with glycolic or retinoic acid or vitamin C.

There is also the Cromopel to be done in the clinic which does not eliminate the stretch mark but greatly decreases its visibility. Another method - as well as one of the most effective if we talk about stretch marks - is the microdermabrasion which is performed with suction equipment based on corundum crystals. The machine lifts the dermis and, through a small sand, causes a superficial abrasion of the skin, improving the microcirculation of the area. With ten applications there are evident results.

Lastly, we point out the therapies microinjectives of biorevitalization of the tissue through the injection of hyaluronic acid which stimulates the production of collagen, including in scar tissue. The collagen  promotes the detachment of dead cells and draws water into the superficial layers of the skin, improving its hydration and elasticity. Given the cost and the number of treatments required, they are indicated in cases of small and few stretch marks.

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